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purpose of life

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    I've been thinking about this a lot latly... not in terms of what has the world to offer me, but what do I have to offer the world in return? It is actually harder to answer than I thought. I have been doing nothing for so long and some times it feels like I'm not really alive. I want to take...
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    So yeah, I have a Facebook account. And no, I don’t have too many “friends”… and the ones I do have don’t really like to hear what I have to say… hard to believe, I KNOW! Yet I see an endless parade of “spam posters” as my wife calls them. An inspiring quote, or a profound statement in which...
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    I am just wondering... It is not a religious question, more philosophical, I would say, but I would like to what what you think is the purpose of living. The reason why we are born. I mean, what is what we want to achieve in our lives. For example I do not believe we are just born to live an...
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    Inevitably, if you want to know the purpose of life you will have to look into religion and philosophy. All the great thinkers of history have walked on this well worn path.