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  1. What's my Socionics type?
    Hi! This is my first post and I've been lurking for a bit. Came across Socionics, a personality classification I've never come across. I read up a bit... and it seems to be much more detailed and complex than the others. I did three quizzes and got three different answers, so I'm really...
  2. Intro
    Name: Spacefem Male/Female/Trans: Female Location: Wichita, Kansas. I've lived here 9 years, which is longer than any other places I've lived as an adult, and my family is from various places in Kansas so let's just call Wichita home :) If you could get up and go anywhere in the world at the...
  3. The Art Museum Star Wars Quiz: Are you Jedi or are you Sith? Sith Lite You kind of feel the Sith, but you're either smart enough not to become too extreme, or you're too lazy and undisciplined to follow through on strict Sith teachings and philosophies. If the Sith were still around, you might be...
1-3 of 8 Results