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  1. Knowing Why and How: Ni or Ti?

    Cognitive Functions
    I've been thinking of Ni as detailed, organized ideas and possibilities; Ti as personal understanding of why/how something works. But some people have been describing Ni as understanding the why/how as well. So if someone is primarily interested in understanding why/how something works, are they...
  2. Certain people like watching competitions, is it because they like uniqueness?

    General Psychology
    People like watching competitions, and one reason given is that competitions bring out or unleash the fierce drive in people. However, this fails to explain people's loyalty to certain teams or contestants. The earliest friendly competitions appear to be provided for entertainment, possibly...
  3. Planning Ahead: Te versus Fe

    Cognitive Functions
    The way I currently interpret Te and Fe is that Te is focused on making things work for the external world situations while Fe is focused on making things meaningful for the external world situations. Therefore, I think that's why "J" types tend to plan ahead more and include the Te/Fe functions...
  4. Fi or Ti?

    Cognitive Functions
    If someone has strong values and often justifies his/her actions by saying they made such decisions because they believe it was in line with their values, would they be using Fi because they are acting on their own values? Or would they be using Ti because they give their own personal reason for...
  5. [INTP] Reasons People Give You To Motivate You That You Don't Undestand

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Reasons People Give You To Motivate You That You Don't Understand What are some reasons people give to you to do things that you otherwise would be unlikely to do where you just look at them with an "Eh?"
  6. Reasons to Become or Remain Single

    Sex and Relationships
    1. You don't have to have guests in your home unless you want to. 2. You have control over your money. 3. You don't have to put away or wash anyone eles's laundry. 4. You don't have to make polite conversation with horrible in-laws. 5. You don't have to listen to farting/burping from anyone...