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  1. Back in the Saddle Again

    So I survived hernia surgery and I'm back at work starting today. It has been exactly 3 weeks since I was out. I have to take it easy for another 3 weeks and I should be in the clear. They actually found 3 hernias, not just the one they went in there to fix. I appear to be no worse for wear, but...
  2. I'm Baaaaack!!!

    For the 2-3 people who manage to read this, I've recovered from my recent surgery. It took 7 hours, they removed about 2 feet of large intestine and they removed a great deal of infection as well. My lower abdomen looks like a "dot-to-dot" of robotic laparoscopic scars, but at least there's no...
  3. Extroverts: Victims of Manipulation/Abuse

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi! New here, but love this site and it's insight :) I am writing a book and working on a character that has been heavily manipulated and abused since childhood. Coming out of that abuse, I'm trying to figure out what a very broken person (ptsd, fear, nervous) would look like as they begin to...
  4. [INFJ] Help Infj burn out from narcissism, co-dependency and just life overall - what helps?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Help infj burnout from narcissism, codependency and mankind - what helps? :sadcloud::unsure:I am struggling to gain equilibrium, partly due to burn-out from the emotional support required of me by others. The final nail appears to have been a “friend” turning against me when I tried to...
  5. infj ghosting me

  6. [Enneagram Type 4] ISTP 4w5 - Tips for recovering from life long depression?

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    I've been like this for so long. I went into my shell so early, I never made any friends. I can't remember much about my childhood but I think I got hurt every time I tried to interact so I shut that down. I've never attempted suicide but I've nearly executed a fatal plan many times. I'm on...
  7. [INFP] How Do You Deal with Sickness/Injury?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I would love to be someone who just bulldozes on through their workday/ school day whenever I have a cold or some minor illness, but I just don't *want* to. It's not that I'm wimpy, I'm just lazy. ... . . . And when I'm seriously sick with a flu, or sinusitis (I've had that once), or strep...
  8. [ENFP] Depressed and downtrodden inspirer.

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I have been wondering, since my ENFP friend has suffered varying degrees of depression a while, but still somehow manages to dream and hope big, is that common ENFP trait or is there somewhere ENFP who is miserable and in full surrender at the throes of depression? Did anyone of you guys ever...
  9. [Enneagram Type 7] 7's dilemma with optionally

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    How do you straggle with too much optionally?
  10. [ENFP] A recovering ENFP (THANK YOU GUYS)

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    So, I wanted to start out by saying thank you to all you ENFPs who have come before me. Without you, I would have no way of knowing I was struggling with depression, no way of knowing that the way I think and feel on a daily basis is perfectly fine, okay, and even acceptable. I want to...
  11. [INTP] To all the INTPs who have ever felt alienated, depressed, hopeless-read this...

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    A few years back, I made a post on this very board titled "Depression never seems to go away for me." I was feeling lost, hopeless, alienated, depressed, angry, and sad at that time. Furthermore, I had a very negative attitude towards myself. Since then, I have done better in school, made...
  12. This Essay Comes First (aka Mental Health #1)

    This essay comes first because it's got the best bang for the buck. It has taken me little effort to get it down, and it might be among the most useful things I have to say. I am an emotional person. Though I may not show it if I don't know you well, I process the world more through my...
  13. [Enneagram Type 4] How do YOU ward off the Big Gray Cloud of Depression?

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    Hello Fellow Fours! I'm new here. I'd love to hear your strategies for warding off depression. I have done all the tricks I know - exercise, vitamins, meditation, deep breathing, forcing myself to think of something else, but like fog in a harbor, it Just Is. Oddly, my life is not that much...
  14. [INTP] INTP Females: The Post Apocalypse Relationship Duct Tape

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    This thread is intended for INTP females to respond to: When you break up with people (whichever way that goes), what do the remnants look like? . Are you left in tact, are your ex-partners? (In tact, as in emotionally. Some people react to breakups in extreme ways and lose it or disconnect...
  15. What a wild day. New job in radio promotions.

    Is it possible that I am really an INFP as the quizzes show the majority of the time? Is it even possible that I am an INTP as they have shown lately? Either way, I have really noticed that since I got sober over two months ago, I have not acted a whole lot like an introvert. And my randomly...