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  1. General Psychology
    I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced what I’m experiencing now. We recently hired a new employee at work. There was something about her that I just immediately liked. As we have been working together, I’ve noticed that I, in the beginning, had a strong physiological reaction—sweating...
  2. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    This is a story by someone that my ESTP friend copied and pasted to me the other day. I found the ideas in this story amazing and very much inline with some of my own views. It's a very Ni-dom style theory too haha, so I thought it'd be wrong if I didn't share it with my fellow INFJs :) Hope you...
  3. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I'm curious to see how many people actually believe in past lives. I don't exactly mean like being reincarnated as a cat, but more like yourself living in another time as another person (if that makes sense...) I don't personally believe in it, but a friend of mine says she can see people's...
1-3 of 10 Results