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  1. ESFP Forum - The Performers
    Good day! I'm sorry for being a bothersome but we need respondents who are ESFP who are WORKING PROFESSIONALS. The deadline of the retrieval of data is within the week so I'll appreciate your help with our research. Thanks a lot! The Success Formula of Working Professionals Based on Their MBTI...
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello! We need respondents who are working professionals only. Aside from INTPs, INTJs, ENTPs, ENTJs, ENFPs, ESTPs, ESFPs, we also need ESTJs for our survey thank you so much for your help! The Success Formula of Working Professionals Based on Their MBTI Personality Types
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello! I'm a student. For those who are a working professionals, can you help me answer this survey? It's for our research in school. I'll appreciate your help. Thank you so much! The Success Formula of Working Professionals Based on Their MBTI Personality Types
  4. Intro
    Hello: I would be very interested in comparing your INFJ score with various elements in your natal chart. So far, I have seen an emphasis with water and air signs (I am not referring to just Sun signs). My background: over 30 years as a professional in the field of Humanistic astrology with...
  5. General Psychology
    Hi all :) I'm a master's student from the University of Liverpool, currently conducting a research study investigating the relationship between personality traits and the everyday experiences of the Black British community. If you could spare just 15-20 minutes of your day, I'd really...
  6. General Psychology
    Hi there, I'm an undergraduate psychology student in Glasgow looking for participants to take part in my study looking at correlations between certain personality traits and personal beliefs. I know this is a vague description but it prevents anyone who takes the online questionnaire from...
  7. Myers Briggs Forum
    Recently, I conducted a poll + small research product titled: What Personality Types Are Most Interior Designers? I work for a wallpaper store that works with a lot of interior designers on a daily basis. I saw an "industrial designer" do something similar to this and wanted to see if the...
  8. General Psychology
    Personality Disorders and Cognitive Functioning I am conducting a project that involves collecting the personality types (16 type and cognitive functions tests) of my peers (all of which are science/math/tech enthusiasts) and analyzing the results. I am looking to see if the 'Rational NT=...
1-8 of 9 Results