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  1. What's my personality type?
    Briefly, I'll say I'm returning. Other users struggled to type me. I'm in my mid 20's. I've been told I'm "supportive", "stubborn", I'm prone to melancholia. On good days, I can be lively, and talkative. I care what others think of me, and I prioritize my values. I'm overcoming depression and...
  2. Intro
    Hello! I'm actually a returning member who used to post here under a different name a few years ago. I came back to try to better understand myself, meet new people with similar interests, and start from scratch. For a solid decade I thought I was ISFP—that is, before I started learning about...
  3. Intro
    hi well i guess you can say i found this account in some deep forgotten corner of my closet (well the paper with my login info at least) for the longest time i didnt know either my email or password but finally recovered this old account! i missed this place, probably no one will remember me its...
1-3 of 3 Results