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  1. [INTJ] Confessing to an INTJ Male on Valentine's Day

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Hey Gentlemen, so I really need your help. I really want to confess to a special male INTJ that I like him on Valentine's Day next week. I want to hear your input, and whether or not you think it's worthwhile. So I think this shy INTJ likes me but I'm not really sure, let's call him A. Anyway...
  2. [INTP] Question for INTP's: Love and Like

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    From the outside perspective, how would a person know if an INTP liked them in a friendship way or in a romantic way? What are the differences in behavior/thought/etc.? How do you INTP's show interest (platonic or not) in someone?
  3. [INFP] your prince/princess charming?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    what is your soulmate like? the one you dream of, or the one you have. mine is the guy who can see what i see, but still more logical. he makes me smile and laugh all the way, but still deep and has lots of nice philosophies. he doesn't say that he loves me again and again, he shows it, in the...
  4. What does an INFJ Woman need from her man?

    Sex and Relationships
    I want to know what an INFJ woman wants from her man for the perfect evening, start to finish. Assumptions: they are married, on a budget, but otherwise what is needed? Describe the perfect evening that you could possibly expect from/with your perfect husband. Digger
  5. [ENTJ] ENTJ male approach to dating

    ENTJ Forum - The Executives
    I've currently started something with an ENTJ and I find his approach to dating to be very direct. This seems like normal behaviour for an ENTJ, but according to most people ENTJs are very unemotional. The ENTJ I'm seeing tells me what he thinks of me, doesn't hide how he sees me. He always...
  6. Do people sabotage their own love lives just for the drama?

    Sex and Relationships
    Have you ever watched a movie with a plot hole? I'm specifically referring to the kind of plot hole where the characters find a convoluted, movie-length solution to a problem when a simple, youtube-video-length solution is staring them in the face. I feel like people do this in their...
  7. Cyberstalking the Swan

    I have a new growing fixation on a graduate student. Oh, how fine she is. She has the cutest freckles, the most amazing poise, and she has helped me in this month-long class with my every heat stroke, holding my hair while I expel the contents of my stomach. *big dreamy INFP siiiiigh* I'm so...
  8. crosswords

    A vignette I wrote last month. Originally posted here, on a postmodern bard Tom walked into the usual café, sat at the usual seat and ordered the usual cup of coffee. He mechanically swung open his laptop and placed his fingers on the keyboard. He kept them there for what seemed to him like...
  9. Back to Earth

    I shall now step away from the metaphorical nature of my first two blog entries and return to Earth. While I’m completely absorbed in that style and emotion while writing, when I look back I realize that I sound a bit off my head, that I’m exactly like some of the writers that I dislike in...
  10. To The Person I love (thoughts about future romance)

    I love you for who you are, and not what you look like. You have a personality that meshes well with mine, and the very thought that you can put up with my insanity and bipolar mood swings is enough to let me know you truly care. You may not know it, but I know you better than yourself...
  11. ISTJ and INFP relationships

    ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    I've gotta ask -- Do you guys think it would work? At all? Or is this just asking to be be killed in a fiery wreckage?