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same sex relationship

  1. Suck at same sex relationships!

    Sex and Relationships
    My girlfriend of several months just broke up with me.She is a possible ISFJ like myself or an ISFP/ESFP.She went all weird on me when I objected to her spending the weekend with an ex girlfriend.She did it anyway despite my uneasiness.We live several hours away from each other and had not seen...
  2. I need advice on how to pursue a woman without scaring her off.

    Sex and Relationships
    I recently met a woman on OkCupid.I know that on another thread i've been talking about being with a much younger man,and he's expressed interest in seeing me again,but it's this younger woman that i'm more interested in and attracted to.She's closer in age to me (i'm 9 years older)and we have...