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  1. (Scientists/Academia) Type by interview

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello everyone and happy holidays! A few weeks ago I found a website "-X-type/typology-X", where "-X-" stands for any letters or characters, which split the usual 16 MBTI personality types in subtypes. Moreover, the main idea was that you could type someone based on facial gestures and body...
  2. [INTJ] Discussion: INTJ Hero vs. INTJ Villain. Who would win?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    In a hypothetical scenario, which character do you think would outlast the other? Do you believe an INTJ's cognitive functions are specifically geared to make him/her a stronger villain, or hero? Is there any existing media (books, movies, tv shows) where something like this is depicted?
  3. [INFJ] An INFJ that spend many years acting like an INTJ? Is it possible?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and after many tests, they all say I'm an INFJ. However, I can relate to some characteristics of the INTJ. I think I've been acting more as an INTJ for the last decade, specially at work (I'm a scientist at an university), but many INTJ attitudes I used to have would...
  4. [INTJ] Television Characters Who We Admire

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I admire Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Jimmy Neutron, Brian Cox, and Conan O'Brien. Those have been my television personality role models for the past decade. Conan is not like the other 3, but he is self-deprecating and he helps me feel validated, so I like him. The other 3 are INTJs. Who else...
  5. Scans reveal intricate brain wiring

    Science and Technology
    Scientists are set to release the first batch of data from a project designed to create the first map of the human brain. Scientist Pallab Ghosh says:- The project could help shed light on why some people are naturally scientific, musical or artistic. Some of the first images were shown at the...
  6. [INTJ] Not Scientists?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Is it just me or does "The Scientist" seem to be a drastically misleading label for INTJs? I'm not saying that we don't like science. I personally adore it and can spend hours reading up on science journals or watching the science channel. I was great at science in school until I realized how...
  7. Skin cells 'turned into neurons' by US scientists

    Science and Technology
    The scientists manipulated the process by which DNA is transcribed within foetal skin cells to create cells which behaved like neurons. The technique had previously been demonstrated in mice, says the report in Nature. It could be used for neurological research, and might conceivably be used...