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    Hello! My name is Courtney, and I'm very new to this community! I recently met this girl who I'm kind of super into, and she got me hooked on the Myers Briggs personality type stuff. She's an INFJ, and I'm an ENFP, which is super awesome because apparently we're very compatible for each...
  2. Intro
    What's poppin', personality cafe community members? I'm new here. Trying to work through a grey period in life. Socializing with people near me is not an option, mainly due to my patience levels and lack of empathy. Both of these qualities are not typical of me. See: trying to work through a...
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    I am going to be moving sometime in the next 2 weeks. My plan was to move to an area of town where I feel like I have more of a community. I moved to this city just over a year ago for work and have yet to find a place where I feel home. (Finding companions through work has been a dead end)...
1-3 of 3 Results