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  1. Nine Shades of ONE

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Nine shades of ONE 125/152 • Studious, helpful and intellectual ONE; • Most rejection avoiding and pedagogical ONE; will often do anything to feel needed and resourceful; • Compared to other ONES, this ONE is more detail-oriented and oscillate between sociability and reclusion. It can also...
  2. SP Dominant people, how do YOU know your primary instinct is Self-Preservation?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hi folk! I'm going off a new tangent here and want to ask people on why they think they are this type/instinct/tritype etc. So, this thread is all about you SP doms! Regardless of your core enneatype/MBTI/Tritype/etc., why do you think you're an SP dom? Not SP so I'm gonna skip my two cents...
  3. VM I Wrote, Could Not Send, Would Not Edit To Fit Character Limit, So I'm Blogging It

    I was sorting through books yesterday, organizing by topic as well as deciding what to keep, what to give away, and feeling some frustration with this typing business. So I picked up the typing books, one by one, read a bit from them--saw two enneagram tests I took, put that book aside to keep...
  4. [Enneagram Type 9] Self-Preservation Nines needing a lot of time alone

    Type 9 Forum - The Peacemaker
    I thought I could have been a Social Nine because I can be friendly, personable and engaging. I am a 9w1. (I am confirming that 9w1 is really my type as stated in my profile.) I have been told that I am a "Nester". I have always enjoyed a lot of alone time. I have been that way for most of my...
  5. Why Develop a Strong Self-Preservation Instinct When You've Had it "All"?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I've been trying to understand how is it that people who've had it all (so to speak) in terms of shelter, financial stability, health, etcetera, can come to develop a strong self-preservation instinctual variant. Could it be that because you've had it "all", you want to keep as much as you can...
  6. So/sp and Enneagram Types

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Since so little attention is paid to those with the so/sp stacking on this forum, I decided to ask a few questions and start a conversation. 1. If you're so/sp, what is your type and wing? 2. How does your Enneagram type and wing affect how your express your instincts? 3. Does your...
  7. Naming All The Winged Subtypes

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Welcome! We do not have nicknames on subtypes/winged subtypes and many of us do not like the existing names. Since we are members of the largest typing community, let it be our right to name all the 81 winged subtype. What we have got so far: E Name Alternative 1 Alternative 2 1 Reformer...
  8. Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes from the Fauvres

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I just paid for the Fauvre's enneagram + Instinctual variant test. These were the descriptions after the test. Thought it may be useful and I tried to google to see if it's already been posted but I didn't see anything. Posted it in the Resource for instinctual variants thread but decided to...
  9. [Enneagram Type 8] Any Social 8s around?

    Type 8 Forum - The Challenger
    How do you differ from SP and SX 8s? How did you figure out your type? What kind of life experiences led you type as a social 8? I don't think I'm a core 8 but typing as a so-dom has convinced me that I'm 8-fixed and/or 8-winged. At a young age I was much the ringleader of my small group of...
  10. [Enneagram Type 7] Calling all SO 7s!!

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    How different do you feel from SP and SX 7s and descriptions of 7s in general? What was your experience like when trying to figure out your type? In particular, how scattered/focused are you? (I'm procrastinating studying for my finals right now.) I've finally pinned down my stacking as so/sp...
  11. How do you do SX?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    How does an sx last person get in touch with this instinct? And apparently sx/so's are "in touch with the core meaning of life and death". What's this mean? Any sx-doms care to enlighten?
  12. Differences Between So/Sp and So/Sx

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    How do you tell the difference between So/Sx and So/Sp? :rolleyes: I'd very much like to hear your thoughts and opinions.
  13. [Enneagram Type 1] Instinctual Subtypes

    Type 1 Forum - The Reformer
    How the different instinctual variants manifest in each type. Taken from Enneagram Worldwide. SP = Self-Preservation SO = Social SX = Sexual (SP) Type 1: Worry and anxiety/tenseness You believe that your very survival depends upon getting things right. Your life is about shoulds instead of...