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  1. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Are female ENTP'S more dom or sub in Bed?lmao ☻✊
  2. Sex and Relationships
    I know you’re all weird as heck so I might as well ask here. Suppose that there was a demon / entity that had powers. What are some things that it could use on a human being in one of those situations? Hopefully I’ll strike gold and a bunch of Ne users will find this.
  3. Sex and Relationships
    say something: 1. physical 2. from attitude
  4. Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    Enneagram 4 and Sex Let it run through me, the vibrations, rhythms, movement, fluidity, fluids,silky sweat,delicate soft and rock hard sensations. The artistic tantric motion of passionate love making, look into my soul as we create our safe space to be free intimately, learning one another...
  5. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Thanks for all your input and advice. I have figured it out for myself. Case closed. 😊
  6. ESFP Forum - The Performers
    Long story short, I met this ESFP guy on an app and we have the best conversational chemistry ever. We adore talking to eachother about anything and everything. We had a great first date and we kissed. Then we planned to meet up again (today) a week later. During that week gap we had AMAZING...
  7. Member Polls
    It's a poll about language, and what is the most common understanding in the usage of those terms. I'm obviously concerned by this question as I'm trans, and I'm a proponent of a dissociation between gender and sex. But because I know that in english those words tend to be interchangeable...
  8. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I'm an INxP female, writing about a mature INTJ male in his thirties. I'm developing feelings for him and I'm confused; I would love to get some perspective from you mature INTJs out there. We've been on several dates now. He mentioned early on that he likes me. He's asked me about my...
  9. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hello my beloved better halfs, I met someone of your "kind" after talking to him for several weeks on Tinder. The chemistry was there, and he's almost to sweet for me, this innocent and intelligent charming INFP guy in his 20's. Sooo we could not really stop ourselfes, things happened and...
  10. Sex and Relationships
    I noticed that I can find a guy attractive, but I don't ever have sexual fantasies about them. If I ever want to get frisky by myself I come up with a made-up fantasy and actually make up a relationship in my head to get turned on by. Something about fantasizing a deep loving connection is such...
  11. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Inspired from the r/deadbedrooms sub on reddit. Are any of you guys here having partners who aren't wanting sex as much as you or just stopped sex all together? If so, have you done or are you doing anything about it? Are you THAT partner? Going through that sub reddit, I'm appalled by how...
  12. ESFP Forum - The Performers
    imgur DOT com/yi0I3GG How am I supposed to share my beautiful thoughts with all these damn rules?
  13. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I was watching a moderately popular MBTI YouTuber called "C.S. Joseph" and he's done a few videos on INTJs I watched. One of the most interesting things he posited is that INTJs have a secret side of themselves that are very physically adept. He specifically mentioned them being a virtuoso in...
  14. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    A question for ENFPs. Which type can you envision having a long lasting relationship with, marriage and platonic: INFJs or ISFJs? If you would, explain the reason for your answer and any personal experience in this scenario you may have. ~Cheers :heart: (If you're too lazy to write a response...
  15. Sex and Relationships
    I feel like I can confidently say I'm pretty, whether or not or I'd go a step farther and say that I'm hot I think depends on the person, Although I have been told that. And like yes, on the one hand, who's going to complain about that? But on the other, sometimes I feel like it creates this...
  16. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi Guys, Just started dating an INFP, I suppose I'll find out eventually, but am just wondering what ya'll's experiences have been. Please give answers beyond individual physical characteristics specific to your guy/gal, and instead focus on general vibe, rhythm, flow, problems/Positives.
  17. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hi Guys, Just started dating an INFP, I suppose I'll find out eventually, but am just wondering what ya'll's experiences have been. Please give answers beyond individual physical characteristics, and instead focus on general vibe, rhythm, flow, problems/Positives. Thanks y'all!
  18. Myers Briggs Forum
    I have noticed in relationships - particularly in people under 30 - that sexual roles seem to be the largest factor in self-reported satisfaction with the relationships, much to the detriment of other personality needs. I am not referring to just sex, but to the interaction of partners on a...
1-19 of 281 Results