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  1. Sex and Relationships
    I know that the majority of people use condoms and birth control and whatnot. However, I've found that the ratio of women whom use condoms while performing oral sex on a man is a lot less. Also, and hell I didn't even know this one until I read it in a book.....Some men use things called dental...
  2. Sex and Relationships
    It has been one of those days where my brain has decided to think about sex nonstop and decided to do so via conscious thought instead of sub-conscious level where I can ignore it. I know some of you are thinking why. One reason it's a bit annoying when later I realized I have wasted an entire...
  3. Sex and Relationships
    Right now, I'm getting no action because I'm broke with no car. However for the rest of you, how often do you have sex?
  4. Sex and Relationships
    Luckily I have never had rough sex partner. However, I don't think that I'd like it. I am a gentle lover. However, how many of you like it rough?
  5. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Apologies if we already have a thread on this. Personally I think you should have feelings and really for sure know someone before you have sex with them.Casual sex disgusts me,I could be like those girls that don't care and sleep with whoever I want,but I choose not to.I really want to...
  6. Sex and Relationships
    Do you view sex as casual, sacred, or a little bit in between?
  7. Sex and Relationships
    I have a ton of lingerie, I love it...but I rarely put it on for sex. I tend to mostly wear it around the house when I'm alone, or, when I have (girl)friends over drinking we sometimes dress up in it for fun. Does anybody else have lingerie they don't usually wear for sex? Does anybody...
  8. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    How often do you think about the opposite (or preferred) sex? INTP's are supposedly among the most asexual of all the types (incidentally, i wonder what the rankings of the types are in this area...) so how often do you think about the opposite [EDIT: or preferred!] sex in a: (a) romantic...
  9. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    no really-- this is a serious thread! I've found that saying the usual things like "oh yeah", "oh baby" or even grunting or moaning is often distracting from the act itself. I do it anyway because my partner expects it. But if I had my choice, I'd be quiet. Is this typical for INTP?
  10. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    This may seem like a very basic question to you people, but as someone to whom sex is a muddled and confusing topic, I am wondering: what is it for you INTPs? What is your attitude towards it? Who would you have it with? What do you feel afterwards? Do you find something you like and stick to...
  11. Sex and Relationships
    Okay, so me and my gf have been together a month. In my last relationship I went a whole two years without sex and I never got to have sex with her in that whole relationship anyway. That's the way I am in proper relationships from my experience (though I've only had 2 serious relationships)...
  12. Sex and Relationships
    How do you react to romantic rejection? How do you treat the other person after you have been rejected? How have you noticed the other person acts after they reject you? I am wondering if there is a difference between how men respond and how woman respond.
  13. Polls
    Are you shy around the opposite sex?
  14. Sex and Relationships
    I'm curious how different types respond to non- sexual affection from the opposite sex, or from anyone you are attracted to. Do sensing types see physical touch as more sexual? Is type a factor in how we respond to touch? Do you respond sexually or non sexually, to physical affection and why...
  15. Sex and Relationships
    How long have you gone without having sex? Be honest! And do you think it's normal or OK not to have sex at all? It seems like everyone is having it all the time but that could just be my imagination. I have'nt had a partner in a long time and have'nt felt the need to. I am just asking on...
  16. Sex and Relationships
    This thread is a variation of the other thread, and the perspective is very different. Basically: Is oral sex necessary, if you are going to have THE relationship? Can there be a relationship for you, lasting the rest of your life, without oral sex? Discuss.
  17. Sex and Relationships
    My ENFP best friend is Buddhist, and she made a promise to her mother (based on her religion) to remain a virgin until she has a full-time job and has introduced her boyfriend to her parents. She is nineteen and going into her second year in university in autumn, meaning she has at least two or...
1-18 of 23 Results