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  1. Guess the type
    Who else watched 'The end of the f***cking world' on Netflix? What do you think about the character's MBTIs? My guesses: James: INTJ Alyssa: ESTP
  2. Generation Z Forum
    Hey Gen Z'ers ! I've been very nostalgic as of late seeing technology change our world and lives on a daily basis. As it changes so do our daily doses of what we absorb from screens. I used to love absorbing Judge Judy with my mother on a daily basis when I was younger, I always saw Judy as a...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello everyone. This is something I've been working on for awhile. Feel free to correct me, and to write in some other TV shows. Parks and Rec Leslie Knope: ENFP 1w2 Tom Haverford: ExTP 7w8 Ann Perkins: INFJ 2w1 Ron Swanson: ISTP 8w9 or 9w8 April Ludgate: ISFP 4w5 Andy Dwyer: ExFP 7w6 Jerry...
  4. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    What are your top 3 favorite tv shows??? In no particular order(because some of us ENFPs are too indecisive for that). Feel free to tell everyone why if you want to! My favorite shows are: Chuck Parks And Rec and Suits I find Chuck's character very relatable because he is an INFP and I am an...
  5. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    i want to see if there's a pattern in the types of tv shows that infjs watch (so that if there are ones that come up frequently, i'll know what show to watch next lmao)
  6. Myers Briggs Forum
    Inspired by Choose gifs of how different types would react to different things. Below are some examples. INTJ's reaction to an INFP (like myself) saying something based on their Fi with no logic what so...
  7. Myers Briggs Forum
    YouTube, new grounds, escapist, penny arcade, screwattack, etc. whatever series you like to watch online, list them out, give links if you can. Just be sure it's exciting, and atleast pg-13. In fact U'll start with one of my favorites: Sanity not included (this one is season one, episode 3):
  8. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    The Netflix original series Orange is the New Black is my absolute favorite show I've ever watched. Most TV shows I find to be slow, predictable, shallow, or just boring and pointless, hence why I don't really watch TV at all. If you are an INTP female like me, you may also struggle with...
  9. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    I currently listen to : smodcast the nerdist Podtoid WTF ign game scoop Ign tech fetish and my favorite, the comedy button
  10. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    Just wanted to start a general discussion about the new Netflix series. Like most fans of the show, I have completely binged and now only one episode remains. (May or may not have a panic attack when there's nothing left to watch..!) So what does everyone think? How many episodes have you...
1-10 of 13 Results