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  1. Simple Enneagram Tritype and Instrictual Variant Questions! Help!

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Okay, Well, I know my Enneagram types. 9w1, 4w3, and 6w7 but I have NO idea what order they go in when determining tritype. How do you figure that out? By the way, what exactly is Instinctual Variant? I took this test and I got 78% Sexual, 62% Self Preserving, and 50% Social. What exactly does...
  2. Minimalism: Modern Ink

    I had originally planned to include the following image in a previous blog post in regards to "Daring Design" in Minimalism but because of the 5 Tag limitation on PerC blog, I was unable to post it. In researching Minimalist Age Appropriate Fashion, I came to discover Minimalism in Modern Ink...
  3. Reasons Our Lives Aren't As Happy As We'd Like

    General Psychology
    People are always complaining that their lives aren't as happy as they want them to be. I recently read a piece that stresses the need to keep our lives simple in order to attain fulfillment. I feel this article might be on to something, but I disagree that a simple life suits everybody. I...
  4. Does Simplicity Lead to a Healthier Life?

    General Psychology
    I've been going through a lot lately and have begun to wonder whether simplifying my life would help me keep my sanity. I've been looking for literature on this very topic and haven't found much. I found a good article: It makes good points, but I want more. Do you guys feel there's a...
  5. [INFP] Is it better to live a simple life, or a life of risk?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Part of me wants to live in a small house with few possesions, with a job I'm content with, just enjoying the little things. The other half wants to go out and 'conquer the world.' That sounds dumb but you probably get what I mean. Pursuing my dream (whatever that is), facing new...
  6. Simplified function...thingy question

    General Psychology
    This is about a hypotheses of mine for a simple way to explain the functions of mbti. I'm rather new with the personality types and functions so I may be(probably am) wrong on some accounts. If so please let me know. Alright, imagine eight people representing different functions(not entire...
  7. Sketchs in MSPaint Game

    The Art Museum
    Rules ----- -Person above you picks subject -You then idea draw in MSPaint :) -Post your masterpiece/idea Pro-Tip: Raw sketches are beautiful, especially with the limitations of a mouse/touch pad. So please don't be discouraged!! I'll start: Fat kid being creepy
  8. Can someone explain to me in simple terms the difference between an INFP and INFJ?

    What's my personality type?
    I keep reading these articles about the difference between an INFP and an INFJ but I just... can't seem to grasp the difference. They seem the same to me. Can someone describe to me actual, concrete examples of what an INFP would do differently from an INFJ, and vice versa? Like don't say "Well...
  9. Helpful Information On The Enneagram: Websites, Demonstrations, and Tests

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    It seems like there is an endless abundance of information on the Enneagram and its inner workings. However, with such a large variety of knowledge it can become overwhelming and confusing. In this post, I hope to simplify that knowledge into an easy-to-read explanation of the Enneagram and...
  10. Which MBTI type is most simple living??

    Member Polls
    Hi All, Simple Living = Not materialistic Living on basic necessities as much as possible (and not due to religious obligations) Does not care about having a big house or big car even though he/she has the money to buy it Does not care what others think about their simple lifestyle Cheapskate...