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  1. Are you a skeptical person?

    General Psychology
    This issue has been on my mind recently. I've had a certain person tell me that I am not very skeptical of anything. For example, I was reading an article related to 9/11 today. It wasn't a conspiracy theory, but a interesting piece of information about flight 93. After telling this person...
  2. ENTP, Working on relationships, listening, feeling and sharing

    Trying to be more sympathetic, warm, caring, sharing, proactive, productive, spontaneous, fun, accepting, trusting, cooperative, harmonious. Trying to be less of a procrastinator, perfectionist, critic, know-it-all, talker, taker, skeptic, thinker. Raised by perfectionist, alcoholic, abusive...
  3. How did I wind up here?

    How do you start to introduce yourself to a group of people you know next to nothing about? Well, I suppose I just did. Then again The next line isn't really coming to me. Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself. How does that sound to you? Good? Wonderful. So I'm an INFJ; introverted...