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  1. Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    oooh, I'm so happy I have found enneagrams. I know we would be over otherwise. Our story in short. We met about 8 months ago. We have fallen apart twice because of his typical 5 detachment and my (type 6) neediness and uncertainty. He is very scared because his ex-girlfriend was very jealous and...
  2. Intro
    Hello, there. I've been a dormant member since sometime in 2013. I think I logged in once and never returned... I didn't really have proper access to posting threads or replies, and I suppose in another way I simply wasn't ready to dive in here. I have taken a few tests, done some research...
  3. Intro
    Yes, that's right. I'm an ENFP, and I just stopped in to say hi. :) My name is Alexandra, but just call me Vein or Allie. Whichever one works for you, works for me. Erm... About me? Oh, the list could go on... I think I'll stop at ten (I hope). Sound good? Good. 1. I like my music at the...
1-3 of 3 Results