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social engineering

  1. [ENTP] World domination tour (well virtual anyway)

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Hi everyone. Been looking into this mmo atm and seems like it could turn out to be a laugh. Now the point is since i've seen a lot of RPG threads on "our" little corner of this site I wat wondering if anyone in here would be interested in building a "world first" guild. (preferably...
  2. Social Engineering the Racial Construct - The dilemma of a self implying falacies

    General Psychology
    Wondering if people perpetuate the above stated. If so, do people do it to further segregation or for the silent plea of the oppressed minority. As I understand it, any person is open to being Socially Engineered toward having a opinion on a concept. This concept must abide by the social...