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  1. Education & Career Talk
    Hello! I just graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and I am wondering what my chances might be of getting into an MSW program. I live in California and will be applying to CSUs - looking at San Marcos, Fullerton, Eastbay, LA, Northridge, Chico, Humboldt, and Long Beach (reach...
  2. Education & Career Talk
    I know that this kind of question is asked a lot, but I hope that you can all bear with me. I'm an INFJ entering university, who still has no idea what to take. I was thinking about doing the pre-reqs for pharmacy, but now I'm afraid that the job won't be as fufilling as I like. I was hoping...
  3. Intro
    Hello There I am still cautious about all of this, not because I doubt my personality type, but because I don't want to get lost in a realm of ideas (any more than I already am!). Learning more about the Enneagram has enhanced my life, so this is just a brief intro. In my late teens I was...
1-3 of 3 Results