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  1. What's my Socionics type?
    Personal concepts 1. What is beauty? What is love? Love is showing up for the ones you love. It's work, it takes guts to stay for the person through thick and thin. I'm not sure what beauty is. Beauty is whatever pleases the senses. It doesn't have to be visible beauty, a smell can be...
  2. What's my personality type?
    sup guys. so, i was wondering about my socionics type and well, i made some studies and i saw it's common to INTPs having LII - INTj on their personality type. what makes me question even more is knowing that in socionics I am ILI (more precisely the Creative - Ironic subgroup), but in MBTI I...
  3. Socionics Forum
    I took both multiple times and consistently get LII-INTj on the original sociotype test, but I get ILI-INTp every time I retake the extended version. Which one do most people go with? And which one should I go with? (my MBTI is INTJ, 75% I, 62% N, 60% T, 79% J, and 61% turbulent)
  4. What's my Socionics type?
    Hello everyone! I've actually created a video of me answering a little questionnaire to help assist with typing. I actually don't feel too comfortable posting it publicly, so if you respond I'll gladly PM you the video link! Thanks!
  5. What's my Socionics type?
    Nevermind, I'll write a new one later since this one doesn't have enough stuff and I don't know how to delete threads sorry.
  6. Socionics Forum
    I was just seriously curious... It's test reliable? I know online tests are sketchy, but this one seems different than most I have encountered. Plus, I've seen as a frequently linked resource around here. The problem I have with a lot of questionnaires to be filled...
  7. What's my Socionics type?
    limping bird, 80 Questions (I am a tricky one) Block 1 General to specific, specific to general – what does it mean? maybe inductive and deductive? I don't really know; you could use this different ways. General to specific narrows in on something and specific to general might show how that...
1-7 of 7 Results