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  1. Out of Body Experiences and Conspiracy Theories

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hey so I made this thread because I'm wondering if other people can relate to my conclusions or has ever had an out of body experience (OBE) of their own. Also before I begin I do not mean to start an argument about what people believe in. This might be a sensitive topic so PLEASE share your...
  2. Newer evp blog.

    The old one was sort of crowded, so I'll just add new evps to this one. :happy: (more to come, depending on how talkative everyone is) :tongue:
  3. [ENFP] Uh... is this normal? O__o

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Okay, so sometimes I feel like interpersonal relationships are just so weird and cool and hard to understand when you overthink them. I mean, your regular everyday Average Joe Schmoe would look at me like I'm fucking retarded if I said this, but I feel like there is something really weird and...
  4. Would you buy alcohol for minors?

    Member Polls
    Would you buy alcohol for minors? If so, would you do it for anyone, or just a younger friend/kid brother/etc..?