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  1. [Enneagram Type 4] 4w3, Can't Determine Whether SP or SX Dominant

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    I am a 4w3 with a very strong 3 wing and I have typed as a sexual four on two separate occasions using the test on the eclecticenergies website. I have also read many descriptions on these variants, but still feel uncertain about the accuracy of this typing-- about which, between self-pres and...
  2. SP Dominant people, how do YOU know your primary instinct is Self-Preservation?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hi folk! I'm going off a new tangent here and want to ask people on why they think they are this type/instinct/tritype etc. So, this thread is all about you SP doms! Regardless of your core enneatype/MBTI/Tritype/etc., why do you think you're an SP dom? Not SP so I'm gonna skip my two cents...
  3. [Enneagram Type 4] 4w5-sp/sx - Anyone struggle with letting just themselves be happy/excitable?

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    I'm a 4w5, sp/sx, INFP. Sometimes when people are just extremely excited or happy or enthusiastic about something it is really hard for me to join in with them in the excitement. I just feel so rigid and like..uptight sometimes? Like, I can feel hapiness obviously. Sometimes when something I'm...
  4. 19 y/o female INFP 5w4 (4w5?) here, hello!

    Hello personality cafe members! I'm really glad to be here and discover more about human nature as I further navigate this website. :smile: Aside from personality psychology I enjoy listening to music, reading, going on the Internet, and learning new things. I was born and live in the United...
  5. [Enneagram Type 5] Enneagram 5 - Advice for Chronic pain / anxiety

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    Hello Guys, My partner is an INTJ 5w6 SP/SX. He is the typical intellectual, skeptical and reserved 5. He has a tendency to experience high anxiety (that he tries to hide) when he is confronted to situations he can not control and will be very fatalistic in some cases. As he is Self...
  6. What book are you reading?

  7. What is it like having no Sx in your instinctual stack?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    As an Sx-dom, I can't imagine not having it. How do you (so/sp's and sp/so's) see yourself different from people with Sx in their stack?
  8. Enneagram type?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hi guys, I've recently been getting into enneagram personality theory and have been trying to find my type. I am fairly certain I am either 4w5, 9w8 or 9w1, and sp/sx fits me very well. If anyone could describe a 4w5 sp/sx, a 9w8 sp/sx or 9w1 sp/sx it would be really helpful. Thank you! :tongue:
  9. My Theory On The Synflow/Contraflow Instinct Distinction

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    For review: Here's a trend that I see: what essentially differentiates the contraflow stackings from the synflow stackings is their relationship to their tertiary instincts. The contraflow stackings have a more negativistic or combative relationship with their last instinct than those of the...
  10. [Enneagram Type 9] What's a 9(w1) SP/SX vs SX/SP look like?

    Type 9 Forum - The Peacemaker
    Just wondering. At this point, I'm fairly sure I'm the former, but because I'm still new to this I keep finding more info and question myself a lot. Like maybe if I'm SX-dominant after all. I'm most certainly SO-last. I've read several descriptions of which both kinds fit me, including Bliss...
  11. [INFP] Kind of in a negative place, been abusing alcohol and drugs, life bores me... advice?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    The fact is that I've been extremely misanthropic lately. My life gives me little joy unless I'm high or drunk. I've never fit in to anything aside from a few other NF friends, I really love them and they have no idea how much I appreciate them probably. Life just seems like one big blur to be...
  12. [Enneagram Type 4] Enneagram Type 4 subtypes poll and discussion

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    I am not sure if this type of thread has been made or not but I thought it would be useful for anybody who is a subtype 4w5 or 4w3 with their respective instinctual variant to vote on the poll which one you are and discuss a little about how you figured out your type, any problems that you have...
  13. SP/SX and SX/SP Relationships

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I have occasionally read that these two instinctual stackings can pair acceptably well in a relationship, but cannot find much information on the dynamics or examples. I am interested in hearing about any examples of SP/SX with SX/SP relationships you know of, information you might have, or any...
  14. [Enneagram Type 8] ENTJ 8w9 sp/sx 854.... Tips For Integration?

    Type 8 Forum - The Challenger
    Hey guys & girls, I am very fascinated by the enneagram and on my journey to presence and integration since I found out about it 7 months ago. I tend to obsess over things I value, this is why I've read massive amounts of text regarding my type. I came to the conclusion that the number one...
  15. Are They 4s?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    [No message]
  16. The Contemplative 459/549/945 tri type: What do you guys do with you lives?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hey there, I'm an INFP 4w5, 5w4, 9w1 sp/sx and I was wondering if there are any of you out there similar to my type. If not still feel free to include some info. about yourselves. I wanted to get a better idea of who is out there such as your possible career path, interests, outlooks on life...
  17. [Enneagram Type 5] 5w4s:What Type of Music Turns You On?

    Head Triad - Types 5,6,7
    Since 5w4s are on the fault line of heart and head, I'm really interested to see how that affects them in music taste. I've seen threads asking about music taste and other threads asking about what turns types on. But I decided that combining the two might yield some interesting results. This is...
  18. Am I SP/SX or SP/SO?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Been thinking about this issue for a while and can't seem to figure it out. I seem to identify with sections from all three variants to a reasonable degree. SP + I like the idea of freedom and independence. + If I've spent too much time with people (besides my girlfriend): I start feeling like...
  19. Sp/Sx with Strong SX

    Reading more about variant stackings and the strength of each stacking led me to this page. I'm sp/sx, but with a weak dominance of sp over sx. I never before would have labeled myself a sensualist or hedonist, but I can see it now in certain ways. I used to think I was very ascetic, with my...
  20. "Through this new frame of mind, a thousand flowers could bloom" [ENTP]

    ENTP 8x7 sp/sx Gender u can't haz lol I like that this probably tells you as much about me as I'm willing to let you know. Hmm. Aside from being blunt and a bit of an [unintentional] ass, I'm a musician and play a variety of instruments. I'm also not opposed to doing art for money, where...