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  1. Drawn to Astral Art

    I've found I have this powerful draw to astral artworks. I love the stars, the moon, and the night sky anyway.... But there is something so profound and beautiful about this kind of art, and what is conveys and captures within. I had someone tell me that the first two, with astronauts, gave...
  2. Respond with a song.

  3. INFJ Ambivert Eclipse Link

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi, names PowerMechGuy. Okay, This is actually a question. I was born on the exact day of a total solar eclipse. And I have been in constant battles with myself over everything. One of the more major battles has been over introverted and extroverted tendencies. I have a few questions: 1. Are...
  4. Need people to participate for my science fair project!

    Myers Briggs Forum
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  5. "Falling Stars" (Poem)

    All the glossy, plastic people prance about the screen Persuading you to think that they're perpetually eighteen Additives and preservatives to keep them on the shelf Make you want to buy them more and just neglect your health For every smiling photo there's a roll of film of untouched...
  6. Ineffable Beauty

    Lately I have been very bothered by the question of what I should do with myself - and really this has always been my dilema. Most of the time I am overwhelmed with joy, for it is difficult for me to be blind to the beauty all around me. Life is amazing, always growing, evolving, persevering...
  7. "Luminous" (Poem)

    The dreams are conceived as the jewels are mined Forged from blackness and elusive to find Moulded in the hands of pressure and heat Immaculate creations with no trace of deceit We idealize the diamond treasures Without discerning the pain from pleasures Thus our diamonds have flaws...
  8. [INFP] Post Your Astrological Sign

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I don't *really* believe in astrology, but I find it interesting. Let's do an experiment to see if there is any correlation between INFPs and their signs. I'm a Cancer and it seems to make sense. Then again, from what I've experienced in learning other people's signs they really only fit it half...
  9. A Panorama Of Space

    Science and Technology
    IIPMooViewer 2.0 :: IIPImage High Resolution HTML5 Ajax Image Streaming Viewer I figured some of the locals here would appreciate this, spent some time trying to find nebulas among the great sheet of stars. Pretty cool to look at! :D
  10. What personality types make the best actors? and the worst?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I was looking for the type of legend James Dean and many on forums said he is an ISTP. Is that correct? Are ISTP good actors in general? What is the type of Natalie Wood? and the most important question: what personality types make the best actors? and the worst? Mostly, what preferences would...