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  1. Do you think there are more iNtuitives now?

    The Generations
    I can't help but think everyone older than me is a Sensor. I guess I'm being very stereotypical about the functions, but it seems to me that younger generations (Y and Z) are more likely to be intuitive and less practical. It makes sense; - we are from the age of computers and everything being...
  2. [ISFJ] Am I the only ISFJ that is tired of this one stereotype in particular?

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    I haven't read it so much on this forum, but on a few others I read so many posts about people assuming ISFJ's females want to stay home after graduating h/s or college to "pop out babies". In those exact words haha. A bunch of posts about ISFJ's being the type that wants to have super huge...