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  1. Artist’s Dismal Dilemma

    The Art Museum
    I want to warn you that my posting may be melancholic to some, but sometimes this is how I feel. I am what I don't want to be, which is an artist, I used to work but tired out quickly, faltering in the normal lines of work. I became a painter shortly after developing my unique skill of painting...
  2. Thread: How Are You Today?

    Struggling with medication changes; also, the fact that I have two enneagram wings, which some enneagram theories make room for, while MBTI makes no room for any wing; and the most popular for only one. I feel as though "Healthy" for my type 5 means the two wings: 4 and 6 would, symbolically...
  3. For those struggling with E vs I

    What's my personality type?
    I have been through this struggle too so when I found something that helped me to understand it better I felt the need to share it. E vs I is just telling you what your dominant function is. If you're an E then your dominant function will be one of these: Te (Extroverted Thinking) Fe...
  4. [ENFP] advice on CAREER CHOICE! check my 1st post about <3 with ENTJ, link at bottom!

    [ENFP] advice on CAREER CHOICE! check my 1st post about <3 with ENTJ, link at bottom! I have been entrepreneurial since the first damn cup of lemonade I sold. It wasn't even a standard lemonade stand either, it was COMPLEX. Don't ask;) now i'm making it sound really weird... and now i'm...
  5. First Year Slump

    Education & Career Talk
    I was just wondering how many of you university or college students (current or already graduated) had a tough time during your first year at university or college? I was just discussing with my best friend the health symptoms and struggles I've been having during the past month. She assured me...