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  1. I don't like Sugar

    Health and Fitness
    About a 1 year ago I started studying and physically training for applying to the U.S.A. Navy: I completely stopped consuming every thing I could think of that was unhealthy such as chips, soda, ice cream, candy, etc. and I started rigorously exercising every-single-day.~ After about 5 months...
  2. Sugar vs Trans Fat

    Health and Fitness
    Sugar vs Trans Fat Which of these is worse for your general health?
  3. Blood sugar and it's effect on cognitive function usage

    Cognitive Functions
    Since I've had this 4 year long hypoglycemia rollercoaster going on in my life, I thought I would actually see if other people noticed personality changes when they go long enough without eating or experience a sugar crash. Or maybe a change when they experience a sugar high? First off, you...