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  1. ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    My first time making a new thread. Please don't bash me. Haha. Okay so this thread's supposed to be where you can ask ISTP on what would they do when they encounter a certain situation, their responses, actions etc. Maybe it's just me who wanted to know, but I'm not sure where to ask, so...
  2. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I have this idea that superpowers might be overexaggerrated versions of the cognitive functions. Also, they are an entertaining party topic. That means, it massively helps me fullfill the expectations at parties (enroll in shallow conversations) AND allow me to pursue my thoughts and interests...
  3. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Are you as delusional as me and grew up thinking that you were born to be some sort of superhero? If you could have any one (or more) superpower[s], what would it be and why? :wink:
  4. Myers Briggs Forum
    I know I'm new and all, but I searched "superpower" up, and nothing popped up about it. So what would each type's superpower be? Like for example like type XOXO could have Cupid powers. Or type BARK could have nature/tree powers. You get the idea.
  5. Myers Briggs Forum
    So, I found threads on superpowers for INTJ and ENTP, but I was wondering what superpowers every type wish they had? Please tell us your type, what superpower you'd pick, and why. :D (Sorry if this thread already exists! I couldn't find it, if it does!:blushed:)
  6. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    We're awesome. This is not news. BUT if in some bizarre universe, you could be your awesome self + one superpower, what would it be and why? I'm not making a poll out of it because I don't want to give any ideas. I'd rather see what you beautiful, clever bastards come up with on your own...
  7. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Ok, so I was talking with my friends the other day, about what would be the superpower of each personality type. I know some are rubbish, so I've come to you guys for help :happy: This is what I put together. (I don't mean to offend anyone so please don't be offended if you don't like your...
  8. Blog
    How do you get to know people on this forum? Stupid question maybe. But I'd like to somehow create a circle with all 16 personality types. I want to get to know at least one of each 16 personality types a bit deeper than just stalking their blogs or posts. I want to figure the personalities...
  9. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    So me and my friends were discussing this the other day... What superpower would you like to have? I love the idea of flying, and also to be able to grant wishes. BTW, you can't say shapeshifting so you can have all of them 'cause that's cheating :tongue: Go!
1-9 of 9 Results