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  1. [INTJ] What are some good ways to support a busy, but nice INTJ?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Short question: When an INTJ friend is very busy, what is the best thing a good friend (or may be even a partner) can do? What are some of the things that would make a busy INTJ feel supported? Long context (optional): I have a really nice INTJ friend. It is a man whom I have collaborated...
  2. Am I really not alone being an INFJ?

    This is my first post here, I'm honestly stuck on what I want to say about the issues bothering me. Its not at all easy to open up and allow others to view my personal words. I first want to say that I am an INFJ, and I've read about my personality type quite alot and I have a clear...
  3. The Happy Thread!

  4. The Party - Translating J vs P

    Last weekend, Hubs got mad at me. Someone asked how we deal with the Judging and Perceiving difference. Well, this will show that you never stop learning how to deal with each other, not even after many years together. The party was ahead of us and I was excited to go. I asked Hubs, "What time...
  5. The 'Leading', 'Supporting', 'Relief' and 'Aspirational'': WHAT DO THEY MEAN?

    Cognitive Functions
    I'm not sure how to properly define these words. What does it mean when a cognitive function is: Leading? Supporting? Relief? Aspirational? For example, I tend to notice that Fi is, for me, more so 'supporting' (defined here as "[t]he supporting role is how we are helpful to others as well as...