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  1. NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    What are some of the major lessons from Tech and "System" celebrities we can use for personal development? Can you briefly expand on one or two for instance? As noted by David Keirsey in ‘Please Understand Me II’: "Although they will listen to the ideas of those who clearly know what they...
  2. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    So recently, I've been considering going in for Database Administration certificate to complement my Bachelor of Business Administration. Are there any other DBAs out there? How do you find the field? Do you think a BBA would be an asset?
  3. Science and Technology
    Hi! If I need to put this post in a better spot, please let me know. I am making robots out of found objects and need a bit of advice from ones 'in the know'. I bought a dremel tool to cut the metal objects into shapes I want. Ie. Fitting an old brownie camera as a "Head". My question is...
  4. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I am in love with technology: how it works, what it can do. I own the EVO LTE, and am saving to get a tablet in 2013, but the Surface Pro isn't looking like it will deliver on it's promise. What are the recommendations out there? (Please note, as a rule, I really don't like going with what...
  5. Education & Career Talk
    Hi. I'm an INFJ, but really not sure exactly yet what I want to do with my life. I first have to get past this GED equivalent Diploma (Long story I think, but I graduated with a Special Diploma in 2009 and have been attending my church's Bible Institute, but in recent months am trying to really...
  6. Guess the type
    Like amagad pplz...a female CEO of a Fortune 500 tech company, preggers for the first time at age 37! :shocked:
1-6 of 8 Results