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  1. Intro
    Hey everybody, this is Teddy, a 26 year old, employed male ISFJ. (though since I teach high school, I’m actually off for the summer…yay!) I heard about the Myers-Briggs personality type system a long time ago, but over this last year someone mentioned it to me again and I bought a few books...
  2. Guess the type
    This guy seems like an entp to me. Some type him as an estp. I personally would say that he's an estp because he has a strong Se function.
  3. The Art Museum
    As the sun set on the grassy green cemetery, a maker was lost. As the day turned to night like the man himself, the dust finally settled on the bottom of the dark abyss gone for all eternity. But there shall be bloodshed... as one creation will soon arise. It was midday and Josh, a young boy...
1-3 of 3 Results