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  1. Euphoria (HBO)

    Guess the type
    i have yet to see a thread on here regarding this show and thats soooo upsetting Rue Bennett - ISFP Jules Vaughn - ESFP Nate Jacobs - xSxJ? thats all my guesses for now
  2. [INFP] Is Pam Beesly really INFP? (Character from "The Office - US")

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hi guys. So I've been on PerC forum for a couple of days now and I wanted to start this very first thread about something that caught my interest-- Pam Beesly and her personality type. Sure, she's artistic and girl-next-door kind of person. I always thought there was something about her...
  3. Sharp Objects MBTI Types

    What's my personality type?
    Has anyone watched this show? The majority of the characters would be unhealthy for certain. I might elaborate on these if this thread receives responses. Here are my guesses for the personality types of the characters on the HBO show "Sharp Objects": Camille - Unhealthy INFP. Adora - Unhealthy...
  4. funny 1990s cartoons

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    I have a question. Is the funniest cartoons in the 1990s Ne humor and attracts mostly NP types ? Shows like The Ren & Stimpy Show , Rocko's Modern Life , Ed Edd N Eddy , and Animaniacs . They were very wild and funny so I'm just curious how this relates to the types of the fans. Because now a...
  5. BBC's Miranda, actor Miranda Hart - what type are the characters?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello! I've been looking for her type all over the internet, but I can't seem to find it. If you want more information about the show, click here: Miranda is quirky, fun-loving, sometimes an introvert and always busting with new ideas...
  6. Arthur characters

    Guess the type
    Type these characters from the PBS show Arthur :tongue: Arthur Read: DW Read: Jane Read: Buster Baxter: Binky Barnes: Francine Frensky: George Lundgren: Sue Ellen Armstrong: Brain: Muffy Crosswire: Nigel Ratburn: Carl Gould: Fern Walters: Prunella Deegan: I already know what some of them...
  7. A BUNCH of TV Show MBTIs and Enneagrams.

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello everyone. This is something I've been working on for awhile. Feel free to correct me, and to write in some other TV shows. Parks and Rec Leslie Knope: ENFP 1w2 Tom Haverford: ExTP 7w8 Ann Perkins: INFJ 2w1 Ron Swanson: ISTP 8w9 or 9w8 April Ludgate: ISFP 4w5 Andy Dwyer: ExFP 7w6 Jerry...
  8. [ENFP] What are your favorite tv shows????

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    What are your top 3 favorite tv shows??? In no particular order(because some of us ENFPs are too indecisive for that). Feel free to tell everyone why if you want to! My favorite shows are: Chuck Parks And Rec and Suits I find Chuck's character very relatable because he is an INFP and I am an...
  9. Fraiser MBTI?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    One of my all time favorite TV shows is "Fraiser" and I decided to try and evaluate the score of some of the main characters: Fraiser: ENFJ Niles: INTJ Daphne: ESFJ Martin: ISTP Roz: ESFP Bulldog: ESTP Lilith: INTJ What do you guys think?
  10. Anders Holm

    Guess the type
    Okay, so I'm pretty new at typing and I just love the actor Anders Holm. Could anyone type him for me? My first insticts are that he's an INxx... all of his social media posts are either him at home or with his few close friends, which seems introverted to me. The way he dresses in real life...
  11. [INFJ] What TV shows do you enjoy?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    i want to see if there's a pattern in the types of tv shows that infjs watch (so that if there are ones that come up frequently, i'll know what show to watch next lmao)
  12. Type the characters of Supergirl

    Guess the type
    How would you type the Supergirl characters? My guesses are... Kara Danvers: ENFx Alex Danvers: INTJ Cat Grant: ENTJ James Olsen: IxFP Winn Schott: INTP Hank Henshaw: ISTJ?
  13. Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    (I know it has been done to death but I want to do it anyway). I was interested in if there was a correlation between MBTI and which science-fiction they prefer. So please take the poll and leave a comment on which you prefer and why? I personally prefer Star Trek due to the amazing depth...
  14. INFJ: Hello, is it me you're looking for? NEWBIE

    I can see it in your eyes. I can see it your smile.... Hello Humans and or other species. I am a very stereotypical INFJ. I ended up reading some threads and you are definitely my people. It's nice when not only do people like the same Myers and Briggs shenanigans but there are also people with...
  15. [Enneagram Type 2] Type 2 Villains, Fictional or Real

    Type 2 Forum - The Helper
    So, it appears there are villain threads for Types 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 (might be more - - I have to check). But, as far as my searching power goes, I couldn't find any Type 2 villain forums! I usually start us off with my own input, but it's going to take me a while to think about this one… Would...
  16. Northern Exposure

    Guess the type
    I've recently fallen in love with this tv series, and I've been trying to type the characters ever since. About three seasons in, here's what I've got so far. Dr. Joel Fleischmann - INTJ Ni - Visionary. Joel has tunnel-vision. He wants to be a doctor in New York City, and struggles when he...
  17. Film and Movie Couples MBTI

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    This can be any two characters (in any form) that have romantic feelings for each-other (preferably requited feelings) and you can add as many couples as you like. You can just write the character's names and add their MBTI type or go in even more detail by describing why you think they are...
  18. Opposite types in tv/film/fiction (especially comedy)

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I've noticed how a couple of my favourite comedy duos seem to rely on "odd couple" pairings and I'm trying to find a list of the 8 pairs of opposite types e.g. (INTP/ESFJ), in tv, film or ficton. My typing might not be spot on, but so far I have: Absolutely Fabulous - I think Saffy is INFJ and...
  19. Mad Men MBTI

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    There has been an MBTI thread before but as the series is beginning to end, I thought that we had a broader understanding of the characters. Don Draper: INTJ - He is insightful, clever, serious, confident, has strong feelings underneath his exterior and sometimes acts cold. Roger Sterling...
  20. The Legend of Korra - - Enneagram Style

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    By popular demand! (o.k. - - it was only 1 person) / / I am creating a "The Legend of Korra" (TLOK) character typing thread! Enneagram it up, people! :D I'll kick off the game by typing some of "The Legend of Korra" characters, then I would love for others to join in and type some of the...