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  1. Blog
    If you're there then can you help me with something. I know that we've had some trouble in the past, mostly on my part and I have come to blame you whole-heartedly for most of it. That's when I need you most frankly, when I can't do anything else but blame you for whatever that happens. I try my...
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    Soft Fluffy Cozy Squishy Comfy Cushy Snuggly Fuzzy Furry Cuddly... Do these words make you feel slightly annoyed? Or slightly happy? In my experience it seems like Ts have a slightly negative association with the word comfortable/comfort (and similar words) as though it has to do with being...
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    It was never designed to be so, but the world has been shaped to make us give up, more easily now than ever. Things have become easier, which is precisely why we are finding bigger things as harder to achieve.
1-3 of 3 Results