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  1. Does your personality type effect your ability to be hypnotized?

    General Psychology
    I am an INTP and I have never been able to be hypnotized. My sister can be hypnotized, I have no idea what her personality type is but I am sure she is extraverted. So this raises the question, is it our difference in personality types? Maybe. Respond with your personality type and if you know...
  2. the shit you love to get high to.

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    Unique music. Music that gets you high before you even pick up the bowl. Ride the tide with it. Introspect. Contemplate the universe. Discover philosophies you never even knew you had. Share.
  3. Uplifting/Amazing Trance and House Tracks?

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    I'm in need of trance and house that makes you feel happy or chill. I want tracks that are melodic, uplifting, and energizing. (Sorry Wubsteppers, I tend to disfavor all-bass-no-melody tracks) What are the best ones that you all know? Here are a couple of mine, to give you an idea of what I...
  4. [INFP] Your first transcendental experience

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    What was your first transcendental experience that you remember? I was in the second grade and I remember standing in front of the fence and staring at it. I could not believe it but my eyes were spontaneously going in and out of focus so that the chain links of the fence were forming...
  5. [INFP] Mind Body Soul how connected are you to it?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Dear fellow INFPs. I discovered binaural beats and went through the Gateway Experience of the Monroe Institute. The Gateway experience includes several levels of Trance induced by binaural beats. I went up to "Focus 21". And what struck me was the similarity to my normal INFP state of mind...
  6. The EDM Exchange \,,,/ ((d(=_=)b)) \,,,/

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    A place to share all the amazing Electronic Dance Music that you know! All genres welcome! From Dubstep to Techno to Hardstyle. I know, for me at least, the hardest thing about exploring new genres was finding good music to test the water with. Lets make it easier at least here on PerC...