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  1. Type 1 Forum - The Reformer
    I know a type 1w2 guy, who is heavily on the sexual instinct side. Honestly the description for Type 1 Sexual nails them to a T. Now, for the most part, I'd say this guy is moderately healthy. He seems to swing between a 4, and a 6 according to the Enneagram Institute. What I have trouble...
  2. Type 1 Forum - The Reformer
    Well, feel free to share aka post them here. I have some: A few songs?: A scene(Represents going all lengths to pursue justice)?: Screenshots also welcome.
  3. Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hello guys, I've been trying to find out which type am I exactly, 1w2 or 1w9, I've found the descriptions very confusing and sometimes misleading, for example, in one site, I found a description of the 1w9 and is had some examples of famous 1w9 types, and on another a very similar example was on...
  4. What's my Enneagram type?
    1. What drives you in life? What do you look for? There is an old story told at Westpoint about Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs. The Sheep are kind, gentle, hard-working people. They make society work, they drive it forward, and they can't really hurt anyone except by accident. They are good, but...
  5. Type 1 Forum - The Reformer
    I have a friend, who recently became a romantic interest, who I once thought was a four but I now think might be a one after reading this forum. He's artistic and somewhat emotional like a four, and an avid musician. But he tends to be cautious about sharing his feelings with me for fear of...
  6. What's my personality type?
    So I've seen Donna Reed listed on countless INFP personality pages and I decided last night that I didn't know enough about her. So I did about a night's worth of studying on her, about 2 hours or so of reading up on her and watching an hour-long biography of her. (I'm honestly surprised I don't...
1-6 of 6 Results