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  1. Type 7 Struggles - Perception of Intentions

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    Hey fellow Type 7's! Recently I've been reflecting a lot on a struggle that I've noticed for a long time, but has amplified itself in my life recently. I'm wondering if any other type 7's have struggled with this or if it's just me: I am the only Type 7 of my friends or my family, and I've...
  2. [Enneagram Type 7] The Nuisance of Sleep

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    I have absolutely no problem falling asleep, but getting me to lie down is another story! I could be exhausted and not go to bed because I'm not ready to sleep yet. I absolutely despise sleep because it seems like there are so many more interesting things I could be doing with all of that...
  3. A note from the Non-Misogynistic Barney Stinson

    Hey personality cafe! Thought I'd make an official intro post. I was a psych major in undergrad, and though social psych was really my domain, personality psychology has always been super interesting to me. Identities are so interesting to study, especially the ones that are non-marginalized...
  4. Please Help! What is my type?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Hello, Hopefully, one of you lovely people can help me. I'm new to Enneagram and I am trying to suss out what type I am. I tested as both 7w8 and 4w5, but after looking into many different forums and type descriptions, I have come to learn that tests are usually unsuccessful. I have looked at...
  5. Does your Core Fear match with your Type?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Type 1: fear of being corrupt, bad, imperfect. Type 2: fear of abandonment, not being loved and appreciated. Type 3: fear of failure. Type 4: fear of being ordinary. Type 5: fear of the outside world of not being competent, failing to cope. Type 6: Existential anxiety Type 7: Fear of...
  6. What do you see?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    These are some recycled highlights from my daily life, based on your reading I'm very curious as to what ennea you see me as I have two recycling bins at home, let's say one is overflowing and the second one's empty (which is often the case). I can't bring the overflowing bin out for the...
  7. Am I a 5 or a 7?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    I'm hands down one of the two but I'm having difficulties figuring out which one. I relate to both of them too much. I thought, "well I must be the one in between, type 6", however I don't relate to the core fear of type 6, nor do any of the many different descriptions I've read ring "me". I...
  8. I don't know if I'm Type 4, 6, or 7? ENTP

    What's my Enneagram type?
    I took 4 different tests a few times and I keep getting either 4, 6, or 7. I can't seem to figure out which one I am though because I feel like all of them are really accurate. I don't really know what to do about that, so is anyone else having a similar issue or is able to give some insight to...
  9. Am I a 4 or a 7? Most likely 4, but I just gotta ask, you know?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Eyo! I've scratched this little itch on my back countless times, but it keeps coming back! I'd love to know your informed, outside perspective on me so that I can put my doubts to rest (although Fi will forever compel me to re-evaluate myself, ye?) I've always identified as a 4 (4w3 to be...
  10. Is it my actual type or have i been in disintegration forever?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Hey guys, i've been typed as 1 since 2016, and it's astonishing that the main type hasn't changed since. But recently, some people here and on discord have suggested ideas such as this one that have caused me to doubt my classification. @Arrogantly Grateful (please offer any insights)...
  11. Trying to figure out my 6-fix?

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well :proud: I've been delving headfirst into enneagram a lot lately, and I'm getting a pretty clear view of my type. However, when it comes to my tritype (which is how I prefer to refer to myself, honestly) I'm a little lacking in knowledge of one regard-...
  12. [Enneagram Type 7] Type 7: Narcissistic and Self Centred?

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    Hey! So my partner is a type 4w3 and we think I may be a 7 but not really sure. Anyway, i've always been narcissistic and self centred - its a major pattern. I don't really feel bad about this but i'm pretty sure it disgusts my mother. My mother would always go out of her way to help people...
  13. [Enneagram Type 5] Enneagram 5 or 7? ~ Curious biologist

    Head Triad - Types 5,6,7
    Hey so. I'm an ISFP, and thinking I'm probably 8w7 for dominant type. I used to think I was 7w8 until I was speaking with my mentor lately and realized I do everything I do for fear of being controlled. I'm applying to veterinary school so I can open my own wildlife center and write my own...
  14. The major flipsides of being a 7

  15. [INFP] Any other INFP Type 7s here?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Are there any other INFPs with Enneagram type 7 here? I know we're super uncommon, but I was just wondering if there were any here. If so what is your tritype/wings/instinctual variants? I am INFP 7w6 4w5 9w1 sx/so.
  16. 7w6 sp/so dating a 4w3 (I think!): hot mess! insights???

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum, and new to the enneagram. I took the MB a long time ago and have always been either IE/NFP, and my extraversion has dominated as I've gotten older, fairly substantially. I grew up in a horrifically dysfunctional home, passed around to different family members &...
  17. [Enneagram Type 7] ENFP Type 7s..

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    I like this type put together - So full of energy and life that sometimes it's not needed to look deep into the context of what they say and do but rather just embrace it! :sun-smiley: I have such a friend and as much as I now enjoy (and learn) from embracing this side of them, it also makes me...
  18. [ENFP] ENFPs (Type 7) And Needing Help..

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    A few days ago my ENFP friend tried to contact me out of the blue asking me if I was awake (different time zones). I was asleep at the time so I missed this but didn't know why they sent this. I then worked out after a few days they were having a panic moment (about something, not sure what)...
  19. On a mission to figure out my type.

    What's my Enneagram type?
    I'll keep it brief to leave room for questions. I've always had trouble using the Enneagram to figure myself out. It almost seems like my type changes constantly, sometimes on any given day. All that does is make me even more curious. In the past, I completed a 10 question "test" with the...
  20. Talleyrand - Napoleon's Master

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I'm trying to establish Talleyrand's ennea type, regarding his mbti, majority sees him as an ENTP - but I heard not one suggestion of his enneagram. Some of his traits: -Faith in his beliefs/views and greater disregard for others opinion to an extent when it was only necessary to twist his...