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  1. Myers Briggs Forum
    Post some funny memes, videos and other things portraying MBTI types. What do you think about it? Are any of them relatable to you? (Sometimes some things are stereotypical, but we all know enough, to laugh about it.) I'll start:
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    I'll start. My type is ISTJ. I was mistyped so many times. Person, who know about functions, MBTI and so on typed me as ISTJ. I don't like my type, seriously. ISTJs seems to me as boring and too abstruse, probably correct. And I'm not like that. And when it's time to read about this type of...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    What do you think aboutGottfried Leibniz,Carl Gauss and Leonard Euler personality types?describe your reasoning.
  4. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Completely in your opinion, and personal preference? Why? I mostly bring this up because from what I've seen most INTJs don't seem to apreciate ESFPs very much, and mostly seem to think ENFPs are the ideal. I've never fealt this way, and honestly I do think that ESFPs or xSFx are the most...
  5. Socionics Forum
    I decided to make this thread in order to help with the mental image of the various types. I hope its useful to someone. The images are not mine. I can only attach 5 images per post, so i'll post once for each quadra. ALPHA QUADRA
  6. Other Personality Theories
    Hi! I started practicing Transcendental Meditation 3 years ago, it has been a very interesting and helpful discover, but I often wonder if there would be a better technique for each of the three intelligence types. For example, I consider myself a rational, 5 type, and I mainly have problems in...
  7. Guess the type
    I have watched the series up to S3E1 (only two more episodes to go!). Here are some of my ideas for the MBTI and Enneagram of the show's characters. Rae - ENFP (4w3 7w6 8w7 so/sx) Finn - ISTP (8w9 sx/sp) Chloe - ESFJ (3w4 so/sp) Izzy - ISFP (9w8 sp/so) Chop - ESFP (7w8 sx/so) Archie - INFP (p6w5...
  8. Cognitive Functions
    I've begun reading Jung's work on psychological types, and I have quite a few doubts: - Are extroverted and introverted functions qualitatively different (that is, in addition to the differences that come from the content with which they are concerned)? In writing about introverted thinking...
  9. Cognitive Functions
    Hello. What exactly is the difference between Fe-Ni and Te-Ni and Ni-Fe and Ni-Te? I know the difference between Fe and Te, but exactly how do each of them interact with Ni (as aux or dom)?
  10. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I don't know if i find them boring or they look always bored to me
  11. What's my personality type?
    I saw this questionnaire, thanks to @TheCrimsonKing and @Pastelle (Thanks again guys!) Thought I'd give it a go and post my own answers and see if you guys can type me :P based on these answers! Thanks guys! 1. During your youth (7'ish to 18), What did you focus on the most? What...
  12. NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    Why or why not?
  13. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello! I saw a thread for the book's characters, but I didn't find one for the movie. In my humble opinion: Auggie: INFP/ISFP Father Nate : ESFP Mother Isabel: ESTJ perhaps ESFJ Via: ENFJ or INFJ (leaning towards ENFJ) Jack Will: ESFP Julian: ESTP Summer: ISFP Miranda: ??? needs validation...
  14. Cognitive Functions
    I have a question. Scientists are discovering more and more links between personality traits, and the underlying biological correlates, such as stress reactivity, the levels of various neurochemicals, hormones, neurochemical receptor volume, and there are several genetic markers tied to each of...
  15. What's my personality type?
    Interesting and descriptive title, I do indeed think so. What’s more interesting for a title than a bet? For both the gambler in you and the expert at typing and yes, I’m talking about what you did last night :wink: god I’ve already embarrassed myself and this is only step one of the equation...
  16. Cognitive Functions
    A question for the ages Which cognitive function does a better job at getting a read on and understanding people? For example, being able to determine someones type with the most accuracy? Anyone can read people (no, no they can't), but which tends to do it better? Its tricky because Fe is...
  17. NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Time and time again people seem to point out in posts I make that I do not act as my personality type is 'Supposed to" or is "expected/normal":rolleyes: I use slang, crap grammar, never check my spelling and act like a human with obvious surface/recognisable emotions and laugh at ridiculous...
  18. What's my personality type?
    I always flip flop between Intj and Entj as of my being an ambivert, anyone else here an ambivert!?:wrecking_ball_viza_
  19. What's my personality type?
    Talking about Me, fool. Nah I kid. (Its really non offensive, almost ned flandersish) Hey! It said come up with an interesting and descriptive title, why not offer a "your mom" joke. God, its lame, I know. Try living with it, your mom definitely did. God. ~~WELCOME~~:shocked: to another...
1-20 of 500 Results