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valentine's day

  1. Smokin Hot Lover of Miiiineeee (Valentine's Day MM)

    Sex and Relationships
    I needed a catchy title :p My self-summary: I'm an ENTP that is secretly into dumb romance comics and likes to rant about history and memes. I enjoy sports, learning just about anything, and talking about deep philosophical shenanigans. What I’m doing with my life: Currently a student. I'm...
  2. 300 days. Day 1

    Just dodged another family obligation. Feels terrible, but I will be hiding when I'm asked about it. Why don't you visit us? Don't you like us? Do you think you're better than us? Well, first of all I hate obligations. Doesn't it feel like a prison when you must do certain things? When...
  3. Valentine's Day Stories xD

    Sex and Relationships
    Helloooo! So Valentine's Day is coming up. Doesn't matter what you think about it, let's just share our V-day stories. Funny ones, cringe-worthy ones, *blush blush* ones, "WHAT WAS I THINKING" ones, giggity giggity goo ones... ;D ANY INTERESTING STORIES, LET'S GO!
  4. [INTJ] Confessing to an INTJ Male on Valentine's Day

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Hey Gentlemen, so I really need your help. I really want to confess to a special male INTJ that I like him on Valentine's Day next week. I want to hear your input, and whether or not you think it's worthwhile. So I think this shy INTJ likes me but I'm not really sure, let's call him A. Anyway...
  5. Valentine's Day Plans?

    Sex and Relationships
    So, what are everyone's Valentine's Day plans? Please, if you don't celebrate it or you want to whine about how it's superficial or commercial or whatever, don't post here. This is for people who enjoy Valentine's Day! The girl I'm taking out (another ENFJ) likes dolphins a lot and she's never...
  6. Lunar New Year / Valentine's Day

    Member Photos & Videos
    So here's the lineup for my mid-winter break weekend: Yesterday - Rehearsals for the Vietnamese New Year show Tonight - THE ACTUAL SHOW, which I'll be one of the models for. Yippee! Maybe a birthday party after that if I can figure out the transportation. Valentine's Day - PARTY. With all...
  7. ENFJ & Vday

    ENFJ Forum - The Givers
    I've been dating an ENFJ male for a little over a month and things seemed like they were going great. I thought he liked me, but he hasn't so much as mentioned Valentine's Day. There is nothing else that makes me think he isn't interested, but as someone who has a few ENFJ girlfriends, I'm kind...