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  1. Typing a business strategist

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Purely from the videos attached, can anyone gauge his MBTI & ennea type? Even if you only have haphazard guesses
  2. Finance/ Banking industry and Type

    Myers Briggs Forum
    The movie, Margin Call, is playing on my tv as I type this. I'm curious... what Types are investment bankers, financial analysts, hedge fund managers, etc. in general? Maaany years ago when I was young & foxy and lived in NYC, I got asked out by a lot of these Wall Street guys and on our...
  3. What is the personality type of magnate George Soros?

    Guess the type
    is he really an INTJ?
  4. What is the Personality Type of BERNARD MADOFF

    Guess the type
    Putting Bernie Madoff On The Couch - TIME