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  1. Cognitive Functions
    Hi forums! ^^ So, reading through the descriptions of both introverted sensing/intuition, I'm still sort of mulling over how they're different. Though they seem to be really different, it's really hard for me to tell them apart. Here's what I seem to see: both cognitive functions seem to use...
  2. General Psychology
    I've had a strange hallucination ever since I was very young where if I look at a cloud carrying precipitation, I can see tiny electrical sparks jumping around not unlike the sparks you see when you "see stars" after hitting your head. I've always seen them in clouds carrying either rain or snow...
  3. Blog
    Letting the Wind In The only thing I’ll ever be is Free. Though I suppose I can be Trapped — Only if the cage is big enough. There are three things I love, Two of which love me Back. There was one day, when I drove the normal way, but kept the windows down, and turned the music...
  4. Myers Briggs Forum
    I wonder if "T" Thinking, feel more at ease at extreme temperatures than "F" types. Any theories on this? Do Feelers complain more about how cold or hot it is?
  5. Blog
    California is an awesome state regardless of what anyone says. Why? California is so large and varied in terrain that there will always be something for someone regardless of what you like. Since I don't live all over California, I cant tell you why those places are awesome. I'm from...
1-7 of 12 Results