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  1. What People Want: be loved, a supportive partner, energetic, meaning, wellness

    General Psychology
    Erin Pavlina has thousands of clients around the world, and she can summarize what they all want with the following: Be loved for who we are, not what we can be Have a loving companion to share life with, and who can support us Want fulfilling and meaningful careers; feel like we matter and can...
  2. Does your diet personality relate to your MBTI type?

    Health and Fitness
    I've noticed the descriptions of the MBTI types commonly talk about how it affects and relates to careers, relationships, parenting, and the like but rarely do I see anything about how it relates to diet and exercise. As a personal trainer, I'm curious to see if there is a link, and am beginning...
  3. if Vittorio doesn't go to the montain, the montain comes to Vittorio

    Hi everybody,I was born and I live in Tuscany and thanks to our economical crisis, I discovered that although I am 60, I will be able to retire if I am lucky , at 80s, so I have decided that if I can't be retired, there is a positive aspect about it because I can always be with retired people...
  4. The Shadow and Carl Jung's Solution to Evil.

    General Psychology
    I can't tell you the number of times I've had the misfortune of being let down by others, or victimized by their 'bad behavior'. Seems like the world gets worse and worse (morally) as time goes on, and all a person can do is wonder why. I remember some years ago being in a religious debate with...
  5. NF's and Massage ?

    NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    Exploring the effects of massage and its bond to the NF soul. NF could be sensitive. very sensitive. Could Massage help? A massage, real decent one to un-knot the joints and aches. feel the energy flowing after a good rub-a-dub. And the sensual ones too. From the head, the face, back of...