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  1. Sex and Relationships
    Five years ago I was thinking that this intj was just not into me as meeting seemed impossible (too much study, too much something). I went on with my life, met my ex. We heard from each others. Via text. I told I was seeing someone. He mentioned after one year that he was just thinking how...
  2. Socionics Forum
    SO I just found out I am an IEI...can someone please give me the basics of what that means and what exactly is Socionics? Thanks!:kitteh:
  3. Intro
    Um, Hello everyone who may or may not come across reading this little thread of mine! Um... Hi again, my name is Raziya, or at least, my username is Raziya. For once, its a different username than I usually use, and I use the same username everywhere I just decided to be... secret... this...
1-5 of 6 Results