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  1. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    I just finished watching both seasons of Indian Summers. I loved it. If you've watched it too, tell me what you think of it, type characters, give me your take on how it handled topics like intercultural and interracial relations, British occupation in India, dishonesty and betrayal, and family...
  2. Member Polls
    In my psychology class, I learned that people dream in black and white 50% of the time. However, I can't remember dreaming in black and white even once. Any thoughts on this?
  3. What's my personality type?
    I took the Myer Briggs Personality test and these were my assigned function: (43.4) (TI), (37)(Ne), (33) (Ni), (31.2) (SE) , (28.7)(Fe), (25.6) (Si), (20)(Fi) and (19.7)(Te). Technically speaking, this assessment would define me as a INTP. The "hates leading" and "doesn't ever control people"...
  4. Guess the type
    I have my own opinions about him, but I wanna see what you people think. Guardian Angel: The main hero. He is motivated by a combination of action and anger toward the criminals of society after he watched the damage they caused toward the innocent...
  5. Guess the type
    Welcome! I'm going to attempt to type some of the characters in Breaking Bad. I'd really like your input. I'm not sure how long you can edit threads, but I'd be happy to take input/merge ideas from any other fans. However, I'm quite confident in my deductions. You'll find that many of the...
1-5 of 7 Results