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    Simple picture. Who is inside? What is going on inside? What country?
  2. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    This morning on the bus I started to think about seasons because spring is coming and the animals are starting to come out more. Then I started to think about the other seasons and colors and stuff. So in your opinion, what is the best part about each season or what comes to mind when you think...
  3. Blog
    My weary eyelids eclipse my view Tears once plentiful are now so few Once a rain forest inside Now a dry and dusty desert I am neither the warrior nor the champion I once thought myself to be Wounded and terminally broken No repair to be seen I have been mangled and mauled By the winds that howl...
  4. Intro
    I'm brand new to this place. How's it going? Any interesting winter plans?
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    Now comes the time of significant decay The autumn of the psyche when leaves fall away I am drowning in this madness with each passing day With nowhere to go and nowhere to stay I see no resurrection in the months ahead Only winter's harsh portrait of ivory coated dread My bones will only...
  6. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I like to do a lot of crafts with my free time. Right now, I am working on "52 things I love about you". And it is basically a deck of cards that you soak and tea to look old then dry them out, finally writing one thing on each card that you like/love about this person. I really like to make my...
  7. Blog
    I am tired of winter. We have now had almost twice the amount of snow that we are supposed to have (52" compared to 31", or something like that). The house is cold, the roof has snow and ice dams. I'm wearing long underwear and I'm cold. I checked the average temperatures, and it looks like...
  8. Member Polls
    There was a poll about God, so I thought Santa deserved one, too. They're basically the same.
1-10 of 14 Results