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  1. Intro
    Hi everyone! I'm new and I am an ENFP male. I came because I wanted to discover more peoplle who thought like I do and who I can be really open with. I'm sure I have quite a bit of fun on my journey of self-discovery and I hope to meet a lot of people on the way. We'll have a blast!:proud:
  2. Intro
    Well hello... I'm excited to join Personality Cafe and happy to finally meet people other ENFPs! I've always been extroverted, emotional, super affectionate, optimistic and curious about life to the point of being annoying to less curious types. Lately however, I find solitude can also be...
  3. Intro
    Made you look... Hello there. My name is Maddie, I'm sixteen years old, and my personality type is ENFP. Let's see... I like to write and act, and I play the piano. I'm terrible at writing introductions like this. I swear, I'm not this rigid in real life. I just don't know what to say. :)...
  4. Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    Famous Fives: Issac Asimov, Tim Burton, Nick Cave, Kurt Cobain, Richard Chamberlain, Agatha Christie, David Cronenberg, Marie Curie, Daniel Day-Lewis, Charles Darwin, Robert DeNiro, René Descartes, Emily Dickinson, Joe DiMaggio, Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, T. S. Eliot, Ralph Fiennes, Greta...
  5. Intro
    Hello everyone. I'm a INTP and I've decided to stop lurking on this forum and join it. I only discovered this place yesterday so haven't been lurking for long. I discovered the MBTI only a few months ago and have been interested in it ever since. Hoping to learn a little more about the other...
  6. Intro
    I was sitting next to my wonderful friend Toxic when I saw that she was on this website. Obviously, now, I want to take her place . *Evil Laughter* Don't worry my dear, I'm kidding. Further more, I need her to correct what I'm writting. My english is not that bad but.. she's better. At the...
1-6 of 6 Results