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  1. Which is worse? Detachment or Invasive Closeness?

    Sex and Relationships
    Did you hear about that Buddhist couple who're never more than 15 feet apart? Well, we tried it. - By David Plotz and Hanna Rosin - Slate Magazine After reading this article and watching the embedded video, I started thinking about the importance of having personal space in intimate...
  2. Worse if cheating physically or with the mind?

    Sex and Relationships
    You are cheating on your SO. Which of the two following options is worse? Physically = sex Mind = A stronger intellectual relationship than your SO, no sex
  3. Why the sexual variant seems like the worse one...

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    So thanks to a post by inebriato I found this site : The Enneagram Blogspot: The Instinctual Variants which is awesome by the way...:cool: I was reading about my variant, the sexual one and it basically said several things, this one stood out from the others: ":primary ambition: looking...