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  1. Guess the type
    I'm pretty sure there was another post about this, but I can't seem to find it since it was fairly old, and many of the characters were mistyped anyway. My guesses are: Yoosung: INFP Zen: ESFP Jaehee: ISTJ Jumin: INTJ Seven/Luciel/Saeyoung: ENTP without a doubt V: ISFP(?) I'm not really sure...
  2. Blog
    In vipassana meditation, a relative of Zen, it's "awareness", being hooked into "here/now", and while focusing attention on the breath, using one object, daily, over the course of decades, further "awareness" may happen, though it isn't spiritual the way that phrase gets tossed "New Age"...
  3. Blog
    We are the young. We all search for magic. We call it happiness, but the truth is, that it's magic. We're not talking about the ordinary good mood, things working out as they were planned, or even the steady calmness that comes from smoking a bowl of weed after a long day. We're talking about...
  4. Cognitive Functions
    I regularly practise basic meditation by focusing mostly on my breath. I can't help but think that this sort of meditation exercises the function extroverted sensing because after meditating, even though I can feel calm and relaxed afterwards I also feel like I'm using this function more. I can...
  5. Blog
    One of my favorites! Hope you enjoy. Not Dead Yet A skeptic walks up to a Zen master and asks: "Is there life after death?" "How should I know?" The master replied. "But you are a Zen master!" "Yes," the Zen Master says, "but not a dead one." -- Zen Mondo
1-7 of 10 Results