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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Represented herself as a goddess and ordered numerous sacrifices for blood rituals
Number of victims: 2 - 8 +
Date of murder: February-May 1963
Date of arrest: May 31, 1963
Date of birth: ????
Victims profile: Sebastian Guerrero, 14 / Officer Luis Martinez
Method of murder: Beating
Location: Yerba Buena, Nuevo Leรณn, Mexico
Status: Sentenced to 50 years in prison in June 1963

Magdalena Solis participated in a blood-drinking sex cult in Mexico. She helped to convince villagers in Yerba Buena that she was a goddess and orchestrated blood rituals that involved numerous murders. When the human sacrifices were discovered outside the village, police came in and rounded up the cult.
Magdalena Solis also known as the "High Priestess of Blood", was a serial killer, a member of a cult in Mexico that was responsible for orchestrating several murders, and participated in drinking the blood of the victims. She was convicted of only 2 of the murders and sentenced to 50 years in prison.


Hers is one of the few documented cases of women serial killers who had a clear sexual motivation (she was a sex offender). She was an organized murderess, visionary, sedentary, and sexual predator who killed in groups.

Magdalena Solis was responsible for at least 8 murders, - according to some sources the actual number of her victims is close to 15, - committed in the small community of "Yerba Buena", near the city of Monterrey in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leรณn. Magdalena represented herself as a goddess and ordered numerous sacrifices for blood rituals.

Psychiatric profiler

Magdalena came from a poor family and most likely dysfunctional. Apparently, she began to practice the profession of prostitution at a young age, a profession in which she worked until her marriage, along with her brother Eleazar Solis (who also acted as her pimp), with the Santos and Cayetano Hernandez cult in 1963.

Upon admission to the sect, Magdalena Solis developed a severe theological psychosis. She was a religious fanatic, was suffering from religious delusions and delusions of grandeur, and a marked sexual perversion that was expressed in the consumption of the blood (vampirism) of her victims and terrible sadism with which she committed her crimes, and also the practice of incest, fetishism and pedophilia.

The Hernandez Brother's sect

In late 1962 and early 1963, brothers Santos and Cayetano Hernandez, a pair of petty criminals, devised a scam which they thought was brilliant and would solve all their monetary problems. They reached the small town of Yerba Buena, (a marginalized community in northern Mexico, with a little more than 50 people, all of them mired in extreme poverty and mostly illiterate) and proclaimed themselves prophets and high priests of the "powerful and exiled Inca gods."

They were told that the Inca gods, in return for worship and tribute, would give them treasures hidden in the caves of the mountains surrounding the village, (where they also performed their rites), and would soon come to claim authority over their former kingdom and punish the unbelievers.

The Hernandezes were completely ignorant, because the "Inca gods" belong to the mythology of pre-Hispanic Peru (it would have been more logical to say that they were the Aztec gods). But many of the inhabitants of Yerba Buena, prisoners of ignorance and misery, believed this nonsense. Thus the Hernandez founded a relatively prosperous sect; adherents demanded economic and sexual taxes (both women and men). The Hernandezes went from being simple thieves to cheats and sexual slaveholders, organizing orgies in which they used narcotics.

The cult continued running like that with no problem for a while, after which the believers began to grow impatient at not seeing the promises fulfilled. So the brothers devised a plan: they went to Monterrey in search of prostitutes who wanted to be part of the farce, and made contact with Magdalena and her brother, who agreed.

During a ritual, they presented, (using a cheap magic trick: a smoke screen), Magdalena Solis as the reincarnation of a goddess. What no one counted on was that Magdalena would believe in the lie.


Shortly after joining the sect, Magdalena took over. By then 2 fans, tired of the sexual abuses, wanted to leave the sect, the other believers, prisoners of fear, were charged before the "high priests" Soliscondemnation was clear: the death penalty. The two unfortunates were lynched by the terrified adherents.

The blood ritual

After these first two murders, as is characteristic of serial murderers, their crimes evolved, becoming more violent. Bored with simple orgies, she began to demand human sacrifice. She devised a "blood ritual": the sacrificed (which was always a dissenting member), was brutally beaten, burned, cut and maimed by all the members of the cult. Thereafter, she practised blood-letting, the victim was made to bleed to death. The blood was deposited in a cup mixed with chicken blood (the ritual also included animal sacrifices and the use of narcotics such as marijuana and peyote).

Solis, drank from the chalice and then gave drink to the priests (the Hernandez Brothers and Eleazar Solis), and finally gave the other members. Presumably this gave them extra-natural powers.

Now based on elements from Aztec mythology, "the blood was the only decent food for the gods, through it they preserved their immortality." The goddess needed to drink blood to stay young forever. Magdalene was supposedly the reincarnation of the Aztec goddess Coatlicue.

The butchering went on for six continuous weeks in 1963, a period in which 4 people died in this terrible way. In the last sacrifices they reached the point of dissecting the heart of the victims alive.

Last victims

It was a night in May 1963 when a 14 year old local resident, Sebastian Guerrero, wandered near the caves where the Solis sect was performing their rites. Attracted by the lights and noises coming out of one of the caves, he came sniffing around, met a terrible sight, and silently watched the terrible slaughter that a poor and unknown victim suffered.

Terrified, he ran over 25 km, from Yerba Buena to the town of Villa Gran, to the nearest police station. Exhausted and still in shock, he failed to give any other description of the "group of murderers who prey on ecstasy and who were gluttonously drinking human blood," like vampires.

The officers laughed at the babbling statements of Guerrero, taking them as the ravings of a disturbed or drugged boy. The next morning, an officer, (Investigator Luis Martinez) escorted him home and in the process he was able to show him where he had seen the vampires. That was the last day that Sebastian Guerrero and Luis Martinez were seen alive.

Arrest and sentencing

Police, dismayed by the disappearance of Guerrero and Martinez, took the case seriously. They started talking about a satanic cult. On May 31, 1963 police, in conjunction with the army, deployed an operation in Yerba Buena. Eleazar and Magdalena Solis were arrested on a farm in the town, in possession of a considerable amount of marijuana. Santos Hernandez was shot by police bullets while resisting arrest. Cayetano Hernandez was the victim of his own lies: he was assassinated by one of the crazy members of the sect, called Jesus Rubio, who, before the crisis, wanted to be a part of the body of high priests for protection.

In subsequent investigations they found, first, the carved up bodies of Sebastian Guerrero and Luis Martinez, near a farm where the Solis siblings were arrested (they had removed the heart of the latter in the style of Aztec sacrifice). They then found the bodies, also dismembered, of the other six persons in the vicinity of the caves.

Magdalena and Eleazar Solis were sentenced to 50 years in prison for only two homicides (those of Guerrero and Martinez), they were not able to confirm their participation in the other six murders because all the cult members arrested refused to testify.

Many members of the sect were shot in the shootout with the police because, as they were armed, they barricaded themselves in the caves. Those who were arrested were sentenced to 30 years in prison for six counts of murder in the form of "group or gang murder, or lynching." Their illiterate and pauperised condition served as mitigating factors. It was not until years later that some ex-cult members spoke of the horrors of the cult.

Magadalena Solis

Santos and Cayetano Hernandez recruited Magdalena Solis and her brother Eleazor to pose as mystical gods so their gang could exhort money and sex from thier followers.

Early in 1963, the Hernandez brothers convinced the remote village of Yerba Buena that the Inca gods of the mountain were willing to give them fabulous wealth in exchange for their undivided loyalty and sexual favors. The uneducated peasants never realized that the Inca dynasty was of Peruvian origin and if they had gods dwelling in the mountains, they would have been Aztec. But dispite that, the villagers cleared out mountainside caves to use as temples for the brothers' elaborate rituals.

The men and women of the village became sexual toys for the brothers in the hopes of bringing good fortune to the village. But after three months of sexual sacrifices, no gods made an appearance or sent messages, and there was no disernable change in the quality of life or work.

With their royal lifestyle in danger, the brothers decided to expand their scam, making it into a commercial enterprise. They decided to bring the gods to the people. In Monterrey it didn't take long to hire hooker Magdalena Solis and her pimp brother. They were introduced to the villagers in one of the mountain caves, magically appearing through a flash powder-induced cloud of smoke. Pesants desperate to improve their situation handed the con men their money and personal belongings. They were promised mystical treasure hidden in the mountain's mythical caverns, but when the wealth failed to appear, disgruntled villagers began to raise suspicions.

The dissenters were dubbed "unbelievers" and fingered as human sacrifices. Over a six-week period, eight villagers were beaten to death during ritual cerimonies, the first two by their own frightened neighbors. To please their blood-thirsty gods, the people of Yerba Buena drank the blood of their friends and neighbors from cerimonial goblets.

The next six victims were sacrificed at more organized rituals devised by the brothers for maximum effect. The high point of the assembly was drinking of their vicitms' blood mixed with chicken blood in sacrificial goblets. One ritual, consisting of a beating, burning, and machete hacking, was witnessed by an outsider who happened upon the scene.

Schoolboy, Sebastian Guerrero, 14, saw the carnage and ran seventeen miles to the town of Villa Gran and the local police station. The police laughed when he told his story, but because he was so upset, they sent him with an officer, Luis Mrtinez, to check out the story. Neither one returned. Several days later, police and soldiers from the state capital, Ciudad Victoria, were sent to investigate the site.

On 31 May, 1963 they found the hacked corpses of Officer Martinez and Guerrero, as well as grisly evidence of other killings. Martinez was found with his heart ripped out of his body. Magdalena and Eleazor were found in a nearby home tripped out on marijuana. Santos Hernandez was killed in a hail of bullets during a shootout with the police. Villagers scattered into the mountains searching for the protection of their gods.

The most fanatical set themselves up in the caves that dotted the mountainside. They exchanged rifle fire with the officers and soldiers, but superior fire power and numbers eventually overwhelmed them. As it turned out later, Cayetano Hernandez was killed earlier by Jesus Rubio, a villager who had caught onto the scam and wanted a piece of it for himself. The Solis high priests and twelve of their now sadly disillusioned follwers were brought to trial on 13 June, 1963. Each of them received a prison sentence of 30 years.

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