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When you see a rainbow what does it symbolize for you?

...or, if you prefer...

What feels do you feel, when you see a rainbow symbol?

What does the rainbow symbol mean to you?

My answer:

1. Wizard of Oz (over the rainbow)
2. Green grass, Ireland and Pot o Gold.
3. Hope. Optimism.
4. A gift from the weather (rain and sun combo)

The reason I ask is -- I'm looking to see how many different interpretations there are on this -- within the INFP community.


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A rainbow symbolizes joy
Freedom of expression (the colours)
Having dreams
God's cherishing of creation.

How I feel?
Amazement ( is that a word...)

Yes! This is absolutely amazing! Thank you. 馃А馃挍馃挌馃挋馃挏馃挆

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Real ones, make me feel like it is a sign, about that moment, something about that place or things in life at that time (don't really, really, believe this, but I like the story of it), often a feeling of "this is a place to be, here is good, remember that it is beautiful, this moment is significant", and also a reminder of... more like that moment is the startingpoint perhaps, something could grow from it. A touch of magic, and like a gift, as is it usually so brief, so one has to stop for a moment and appreciate it, because it can't be kept.

The symbol is a bit different, when drawn, when the colourcombination is used. I think of imagination and play, to have many choices, naivety, and hbtq nowadays too. Acceptance of differences, valuing choices.

I sometimes think about Bifrost, in nordic mythology, where the rainbow is the bridge between worlds, and how rainbows are just a sorting of light in their respective frequency, but it shows you something that is otherwise hidden, as the white light passes us by, so a rainbow is a kind of reminder that there is more that our senses doesn't pick up on ("other worlds", though I think about it more like philosophy than spiritual I think, for example another world could be the microlevel, things we have access to with microscopes, a cool world unseen by the human eye, but aslo twists in just how things are interpreted).

Sometimes I am also thinking about the stories about those green little creatures in... Irish mythology? and their pots of gold, the idea of a treasure at the end of the rainbow (though I usually think it more figurative, than a pot of gold).

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The beauty of nature, God's creation
Oh, if only there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the adventure I'd have searching for it!
Ponder the whole natural light/moisture/prism sort of thing that goes on.
Lucky Charms cereal

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I see it as a reminder of the beauty that lingers on the Earth. After every storm, light and anguish resurrect to create something magical, something miraculous. A token of the secret side of our world and what exists far beyond our vision, what mysteries our world could hold. A delicate kiss of God to the Earth promising love, promising victory.

Was I the only one as a child who felt so intrigued by rainbows too? I would read books from the library in desperate desire to understand where they come from, they allured me so much...
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