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  • "I'm... in love with your sister."
  • "That's because you're desperate."

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Oooooo... the very famous @Hexigoon enters one of my piddly threads! I am truly honored. I've been reading your responses in the "Lives Matter" thread and loving your thoughts. Is this off-topic?


I don't care, cuz it's my thread, I can do anything I want!


Thanks for joining in!
O-Oh my... you'll make me blush with that kind of reception! 馃槄 I don't deserve it. Haha
Well I sure hope you don't mind, I'd rather be in your thread than in that one. Maybe it comes across different over the internet but I find debating rather exhausting and uncomfortable, but it's nice to know you enjoyed reading through all of that. You're very kind. Thank you!

Ah, some more...
"Prove it... in my arena of death!"
"I love you too, that's why I'm going to kill you last."
"Oh? I don't think you have nearly enough money to be proposing to me."
"I loathe you too...."
"Well duh, who doesn't!?"
"Thank you! I was wondering when you'd finally grow a brain and see sense."
"Aww, how romantic. Too bad it had to come from you."
"Love is just a chemical reaction in the brain! Don't worry, you'll get over it in time."
"Thank you, suitor #9154"
"What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more."
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鈥淭hanks but... I鈥檓 engaged.鈥

Just heard that in a movie and felt like adding it to the thread.

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My personal favourite is...
"Not right now, I'm busy"

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"I'm in love with your brother.
yeah, I know he always treated you like garbage
but he's hotter than you, richer than you, and
better than you in every way."


"Well, there's this rollercoaster...
Long story short: we're in love and
we're getting married!!"

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"Unconditionally? I guess it is time I told you I am not divorced, I am widow, I killed my last lover, I hope you will forgive me."

"And I love you... th. Nothing but 17-yearolds will do it for me, sorry."

"Plattitudes... You just say that because you have been conditioned by countless romcoms and disneyprincesses since you were old enough to see and hear, love is just an invention by modern society to deflect our attention from the really important issues. I am a serious person, I have more important tings to do."

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鈥淎www. How sweet.鈥
And the vibe just lingers in the air like a bad fart. 馃槀
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